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Question: What game isn't repetitive? All games are.


(LOLCats image is not in relation to below text. I just think it is funny.)

I gots me a question for you, folks. We all hear in game reviews "This game is reptitive. It sux0rz." This was touched on slightly by our own Rev. Tony in his recent Assassin's Creed review about how repetitive the game becomes. But I got to thinking -- I honestly love Assassin's Creed. I'm hooked on that shit like a junkie. It's repetitive, yes. But my question is simple; what game isn't repetitive?

In all games there is one specific core gameplay element or elements that the rest of the title is built around. These core elements are used over and over and over, but sometimes we fail to take notice because they are presented to us in fresh and varying fashions throughout the gaming experience.

I am looking for some open discussion on this one. Perhaps this would've been something better suited for the forum, but I'd like to see the community response here first. Thoughts?

(The main reason I'm asking this question is simple. If all games are repetitive in some sense, why even state so in a review if it is common knowledge?)
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