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Sega's head of toes, Shinguero Mikami 52 confirmed earlier today that they would be releasing the 1DS in Japan on the 12th November, 2013, and in North America and Europe on the 3rd of May 2019. Shinguero said: We've had a hard time here at Sega lately, what with Rockstar not Developing Grand Theft Auto V for the DS, 3DS or 2DS. So we decided to develop the 1DS, the latest Entry in the DS family." Pre-orders are already sold out in Japan, industry experts believe this to be due to the 1DS's only launch title, the highly anticipated sequel to Sega's greatest game to date, Sonic R 2. Fans who pre-order the game will receive a free code for the DLC, Sonic R 2: D2. Can this be the launch that cements Sega as industry leader in the console market? Only time will tell.
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