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Evil Party of Evilness

You may have already read some of the Hero Party cblogs out by Mecha Jesus, ZeroTolo, Scary Womanizing Pig Mask or Tenro.

Well they reckon they made some pretty good hero parties, but what if they had to face off against multiple villains? Here's my entry into the foray with my Super Villain Dream Team.

1. Only "evil" characters, in the sense that you're playing a antagonist party.
2. You're playing a video game, so you're not in the party.
3. Nine characters that rotate out. You might only have 3 out at a time, but this is the group that enslaves the world.
4. Two man enter, one man leave.

All around good guy, he's a fighter, mage and is pretty much immortal thanks to that triforce of power..
Weakness: Poncy Fairies

A Super-intelligent computer should be able to mastermind our whole operation without too much difficulty, I just have to hope there aren't any cybernetically enhanced hackers around to stop her.
Weakness: Hackers

Domino Hurley
Domino has the charm and the charisma to be the teams bard, boost morale, demoralise the enemy, that sort of thing.
Weakness: Coral Crushers

Zombie Pirate Le Chuck
A natural leader, he could take charge of the offensive. Also this is zombie version, demon version sucked balls.
Weakness: Voodoo Potions

Tank of the group, usually hiding behind his minions, I'd make sure he was on the front lines fighting for his share of the princesses.
Weakness: Being jumped on.

Dr. Robotnik
Evil scientist in charge of weapons development and creation, and also general upkeep of SHODAN.
Weakness: Needs cute animals to power his machines.

Vladimir Lem
I love Max Payne 2 so I had to work him in here. He's a smooth talking Russian Mafioso, I shouldn't have to say more than that.
Weakness: Protagonists who use too many metaphors.

Carmen Sandiago
This Femme Fatale is is charge of seducing all the male protagonists and eating them afterwards and covering the teams tracks.
Weakness: She'd probably fall for James Bond or Rev Anthony

What? Two pirates and no ninjas? I guess we know who the ultimate bad asses are. My second undead pirate and I'm not ashamed of it, Cervantes rocks.
Weakness: Somewhat insane
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