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About Sarge Mustangone of us since 2:15 PM on 08.01.2008

Well where do I begin? I started gaming when I was just 3, I have rather prompt visions of playing TMNT on the NES and even earlier memories of jumping on my first Goomba in the original Mario Brothers.

So I've been playing games for over a decade and my console collection shows. I've got everything from a broken NES up to my 360 and everything in between. I've developed some very promonate opinions about these games, which I look forward to sharing with the community soon, and I look forward to reading about my passion from other passionate people.

And what bio would be complete without some BS information?! I'm a photographer and video editor in my non-gaming time. I also enjoy writing and other nerdy things like anime and movies. I'm also a car guy, I'm a member of a local Neon car club. You'd never think that a "girly" car would be the target of a bunch of gear heads :P.

I love music. All of it, even the crap stuff. And I have a[s]n unhealthy[/s] obsession with Michael Jackson.