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Why so good? NVGR

It is hard to grasp why women don't fight eachother to death over a little piece of me really. I am a truly amazing person. maybe it's because I'm mirroring the greatness of the Gods, and women feel bad about feeling so flawed next to me. ...


About SanityMaskone of us since 9:45 PM on 07.26.2007

.My name's Gabriel Poiré
.I own a large cat
.my profession is plumbing
.I'm generally uninteresting and bored
.I'm concise
.I like to run around in traditional Japanese underwear

I hate Ubi for ruining my favourite franchise A.K.A. Rainbow Six (raven shield was the bomb until the patches came)

now playing: -mostly a PC gamer
TF2 mostly
my penis

I might update this sometime when I'll open my eyes and realize that this looks like shit