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The 360 directional pad.

I am sure that plenty of people ranted about this on blogs and what not. But with this recent post.


And someone mentioning on podtoid (sorry, don't remember the exact episode) that it was just an analog stick with a directional pad on top, I had to have another rant. I'm bored and it popped into my head again and I just need to write this frustration down.

This is the most basic thing on a controller and they actually fucked it up. Something that worked for years, something that didn't need any altering or change or anything. What is the point? I really don't get it, every time I touch the thing it's just a nightmare. It's astonishing that they're releasing a new controller with the same pile of shit on it and it's guaranteed that people will spend money on it anyway. It sucks and I will never get over how much it sucks and how they actually thought it was a good idea to have this controller released with their system.

Granted, I don't think I've ever really used the directional pad too much until SF4 came out, but I loved the feature where you can do a Hadouken motion and instead jump backwards. This totally trips my opponent out and even myself sometimes, in the end it's not even about winning the match, it's about who can actually play long enough before throwing their already broken controller.

I really don't know what else to say, although I think I should have written something a bit longer. After touching the directional pad again, it just reminded me how much I hate it and how useless it is when it's supposed to be the biggest necessity on the controller. The day (if ever) that a controller comes out with a working directional pad for the Xbox 360 will be my second birthday.

ps. I do have an Arcade stick at this point, but there is still no excuse for this nonsense.
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