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Frustrating just for the sake of frustration.

This is my first blog and I just kind of wanted to rant about something before I break anything more than the controller that is all over my room.

Games that are frustrating just for the sake of frustration are simply put, bullshit. Game in mind? Meat boy. The game is definitely a good game is most aspects of it, but the level of 'difficulty' ( nonsense ) that it throws at you is simply put, unfair and it frustrates me more because I want to like the game more but because of these instances, I can't.

Now with the little announcement of a Meat Boy coming to wiiware, I decided to check it out again and was immediately reminded as to why I stop playing it in the first place.There are just some 'fuck you' levels that absolutely do not rely on any sort of skill, but only luck. I absolutely despise that, what is the point? It's just feels like they're throwing shit at you just for the sake of throwing something at you because it 'has' to be that difficult. I got to a level (Chapter 3 - Hell: 13. Six Six Six) and I was letting my pride get the best of me by saying to myself 'No matter what, I'm going to beat this level even if gouge my own eyes out', but I couldn't, because what was being thrown at me was just completely ridiculous. It pissed me off because there are quite a few other levels that are difficult by their design, not trying to be difficult for difficulties sake.

I also kept in mind that maybe I just wasn't 'good' enough, but I can't accept that. I'm no top tier gamer and with enough practice I can get through difficult parts in most games, but after trying and trying I couldn't help but think at this point it was just too frustrating and unfairly done that I proceeded to scream profanities and give up on it.

Like I said, I really want to like this game a lot more than I do. But it beat me down and I'm afraid I can't bring myself to try it anymore because I'll probably end burning my house down.

But, I will say there are levels that I do like, the characters are cute and I did have fun playing certain parts of the game.
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