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Kindle Auto Ebook Converter

I know this a smidge off topic from my normal rants about game dynamics but I just finished an early version of an ebook converter for my favorite gadget in the whole universe. The Kindle. So I thought I would pop It up on here so any of ...


MMOS and Combat Exposed

Here is a post i found on the live journal of Pilgrim4444 and while i may have gone a little overboard some of the analysis I pulled from his comments seems to remain valid. Enjoy Boring - The MMORPG - Chapter One: The brainless strugg...


On the MMORPS Bandwagon

So with some careful thought on my last post from a while back regarding the MMORPS I think its time for a little revamp. As MVBDX from www.videogames.com put it so simply its a revolution not an evolution.With so many of the proposed stand...


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