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Arkham Horror (aka Amnesia multiplayer)

For those who are unaware, Arkham Horror is a board game set in H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, and has nothing to do with Batman. Arkham Horror is a co-operative board game, based heavily on the Call Of Cthulhu role playing game. In it, y...


Gaming ratings and themes

This is from a UK film/game rating perspective. Sorry if it's not so culturally relevant in your area. By rating, I refer to the T, M, Ao, etc. We've all seen them, and probably don't take a single bit of notice of them. In fact, when I be...


The name 'game'

The same thing which has always nagged me about the term 'comic' or American 'comicbook' is starting to get to me with video games. Though to American-English speakers, the word comicbook probably seems a most natural thing to say, as a Bri...


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