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What is and what should never be.

As you know, gaming has it many debates on which is better. Resident Evil vs. Silent Hill. Quake vs. Doom. The Legend Of Zelda vs. Final Fantasy. Soul Calibur vs. Dead or Alive. And so on and so forth, but lately there has been one argume...


First Post/Dial up Dial out

Ok well, this is my first post as you can see. And I thought I would start with something some of us have to deal with constantly and needless to say, it grinds our gears. Out of all the issues that bother us Gamers: game ratings, Anti gam...


About Samsonone of us since 7:47 AM on 12.19.2006

I am
Sammy boy

I love video games like all of you and have been playing ever since I could hold a controller. Don't try to classify me as one type of gamer and I'm not going to brag about how hardxcore I am or any other terms that we tend to use. I'm 19 and from a small town in Michigan called Coloma. My friends and I are either LANing or playing online all the time so you're bound to run into one of us eventually. Besides Video games, I love music. There's not enough room to list all of the bands I listen to so I wont waste your time listing all of them so I'll just letcha know a few of them. these include (no specific order) Death From Above 1979, Queens Of The Stone Age, Interpol, Minus The Bear, Joy Division and Chevelle. I also read on occasion, my favorites include The Ultimate Zombie Survival Guide, The Catcher in the Rye, Of Mice and Men and Catch-22

Here's some of my Favorite Games:

The Legend of Zelda Series
The Resident Evil Series
Mario series
Call of Duty
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Gitaroo Man
Freedom Fighters


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