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Losing my clog virginity

Well, I finally took the plunge. After over a year of commenting on everyone else�s stories (if I remember correctly, I joined DESTRUCTOID around August 2006), I�ve decided to start some stories of my own (and not just because God said I suck). In fact, I recently passed the 500-comment milestone (I�m currently at 530), and I always thought it was at least mildly impressive that I was ranked 265th without ever having a single blog hit, and with only one forum post. Anyway, I think you�ll come to understand why I chose the title that�s in my blog header: I tend to ramble, and I can be very verbose at times (I mean, shit...just look to your right). I use lots of parenthetical phrases, ellipses, and em dashes � because I like to explain what I say (I guess those go hand in hand...in a way). So you may see all kinds of things in this space, and I can�t guarantee that they�ll all be coherent thoughts. I�m not trying to turn anybody off to my clog; in fact, I haven�t blogged since the last entry on my old Xanga, which I unofficially and unceremoniously �retired� over a year and a half ago, and I�d like some readers. A bunch of you may already know me from FNF in Warhawk (bhive01, SPIDER PIG, balth, shipero, liam2015, SlavedHeart, and more), and I�m sure others have seen me comment on many stories around the site. Either way, what I can guarantee is that what you see here will always be as correct as possible with regards to spelling and grammar (see the exception in the note in my profile). But if you start reading through and thoughts like �TLDR� and �WTFBBQ� enter your head, don�t say I didn�t warn ya...
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