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My thoughts on Valentineís Day

Valentineís Day is the stupidest ďHallmark holidayĒ anyone could have come up with. Oh, letís take a day out of the year to celebrate love! What kind of sappy bullshit is that? Actually, forget the sappy qualities of the day. This day jus...


Well, thatís just excessive...

Inspired by dvddesignís recent blog entry on a guy with a 2400-sq.-ft. arcade in his house, I decided to post something similar that I saw over on CNETís Crave blog, which often features all manner of ostentatiously extravagant gadgets, gea...


The 80 GB PS3 is no more...

The demise of the 80 GB PlayStation 3 has been reported on before, most notably by c-bloggers/matlockers liqideos and Y0j1mb0. But Iím here to give you proof besides ďscansĒ of ďemailsĒ and so-called ďinsider informationĒ. Nothing officia...


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