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Updates for August, September, October 2013

Updates for August, September, October 2013

I think now is a good time as any to show what I have planned to review and publish in the next few weeks. I am now committed to release one review per week from now on. My next review was going to be Fallout New Vegas, but I heard about the positive phrase that Gone Home was getting from its recent release and I am so glad I bought it when I did.

With very few games coming out until the Xbox One and PS4 come out, I have a few games on my backlog at the moment to keep me busy until then. Bear in mind that there is no particular order as to when these review will come out, some are more finished than others.

Fallout New Vegas

Dust: an Elysian Tale

Shank 2

Riveria: The Promised Land

Mercenary Kings

L.A Noire

My other plans for the future include a big side-by-side comparison between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 before their launch.

I will also be more active on my facebook page giving updates on the games being reviewed, any breaking news that I find relevant in the gaming world, and other tidbits.
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