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I found a PS3 on my run this morning. Who said exercise was pointless!


Not only did I order a complete copy of RIVAL SCHOOLS SHIT CAN’T WAIT for PS1, but I went for a drive to neighboring Connecticut to pick THIS UP FROM GAMESTOP YEAH. Now to motivate myself to set up my Wii U again!


I can get only the disc, only the first disc (the base game) for like $18 on eBay... Worth it? (Update!) Drove a distance to a nice retro game shop. No Rival Schools, but I made $80 off of Xbox 360 games collecting dust! The power is in my hands!


Did a Cuphead for my friend’s birthday card, figuring anything more complicated would tear my brain.


WHAT THE FUCK YOU NEED TO GRIND FOR MONEY FOR THE FINAL BOSS IN ZIP LASH CHIBI-ROBO WHY... THIS GAME BLOWS (Update) Woke up early, grinded coins, and beat the game. Now to bury the cartridge and remember Chibi for the hero he was, not the shadow he became


Wow so Iceborne looks really awesome! So awesome that I’m feeling like getting back into Monster Hunter. But Capcom, buddy...


Every turtle I stomp on in Downwell just makes me feel horrible.


So a week later, how are people liking MK11? I’m feeling like I was preemptive in dismissing it; was so excited, excited, then just kind of dropped it because of the controversy, which didn’t even really bother me. I’m prone to whims! Might grab it


This guy’s art (@tomishunter on Twitter) has single-handedly made me love Sekiro, sort of retroactively. More pics in comments.


Honestly I'm really tempted to spend a lot of money on this game. It reeks of... God Hand.


Randy Pitchford’s levels of unhinged are the makings of a biopic directed by Uwe Boll.


I can’t tell if Kabal actually says “Kaballin’” or “I’m all in” on round wins in MK11. I’m not sure I’d be okay with it. I am okay with him being awesome though.


If I disliked Undertale is Deltarune at all worth playing? Baby bump: Against my better judgement I started it. To my relief I might already like it more! Way less annoying...


Still deciding when I'm going to play Sekiro, but there's another From Software game I'll be getting for sure as well...


Got into the stress test (“STRESS TEEEST”)... and I think I love Mortal Kombat 11.


Gotta plug: Rereading Tom King/Mitch Gerad’s Mister Miracle (bought the trade after all the issues!) and I’m stunned all over again. The tonal whiplash is insane, the style and art so consistent and affecting; it’s revisionism at its best. Read it!


“Under the Sea” was playing in the AMC men’s room.


Twin Snakes is so fuckin’ awesome. Seriously, hearing Hayter and co. is like coming home. Also the cheekiness is at a series high I think, almost like the game knows it’s a “spin-off” and is just going all out.


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