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How to marry the Zelda 2D games with the Zelda 3D games.

Hello again! I'm Salvador and I'm back with a new blog entry about stuff I believe may be good ideas. But are they really good ideas? That's for you to decide. Thanks for reading!

So anyway, as the Nintendo fan I am, I love Zelda games. This is one of the two franchises that most gamers say you have to play in order to be taken seriously, the other been Final Fantasy. I don't believe that's entirely true, if you don't like either of those series that does not make you more or less gamer, is just a matter of taste.

So let's get back on track! As we all know, Zelda has a rich story spawning more than 25 years, that's even before I was even born, and most people have played at least one of the 15+ main games Nintendo have released. And we all have a favorite.

And this is where the base brakes.

What is better, 3rd person 3D world Zelda, or Overhead perspective Zelda? Again, it's all a matter of taste. But it's important enough that some people refuse to play the old ones or just can't accept the new ones.

"He said Ocarina of Time sucked donkey balls"

And this gets me to the point of the article... why not fuse the best elements of both?

Ok, I know this idea is not new. Take the best elements of Zelda and put into a single game its pretty much what the new games have been trying to do. But what I'm suggesting is a little bit more noticeable, something that will affect the gameplay and help the series be true to the Zelda Formula, while been something that feels new.

So let's take the cauldron out and start mixing shit until we came up with something edible!

And use the Magic Powder on EVERYTHING

Recipe to make the perfect Zelda 2D+3D game 

by yours truly.

1.- Boild water for about 3 minutes, don't forget about it because you are checking your facebook.

2.- Make the overworld with a heavy focus in the style and creativity of the Overhead Perspective of games like "A Link to the Past" and the original "The Legend of Zelda"

3.- Make the dungeons with a heavy focus in the style and architectonic marvel of the dungeons in games like "Wind Waker", "Ocarina of time" and "Twilight Princess".

4.-Allow both modes to be interchangeable at the tap of a button and add a deeper layer of puzzle solving and exploration to  the game.

5.-Add some sugar (Miyamoto's Sweat)

6.-And some ketchup while you are at it. EVERYTHING TASTES BETTER WITH KETCHUP

And there we go! Wait 10 to 24 months and you'll get...

"Oh God what I have I DONE"

Oh wait! Please don't go, I can fix it! This idea can still work!

Let me tell you how.

What makes Zelda games enjoyable varies from person to person, but there seems to be a common ground. They are fun journeys. You start weak, with maybe just a sword and a shield, explore a bit, get to a dungeon, get the dungeons item, use it to beat the dungeon, and move on to the next one. The dungeons get progressively harder and requires you to think more and more. That has never really changed, and it does not really need to change that much, just make it fresh and different enough to enjoy it once more.

The 2D Overworld/3D Dungeon system is not a gamechanger, is just marrying the most enjoyable bits of Zelda into a perfect Zelda Brew with a cookie on top. What I found the most enjoyable about A Link to the Past was the connected spread overworld, the perfect symmetry with the dark world, the exploration of the different depths provided by cliffs and stairs.

It was fun to explore because it was really not that complicated, you really didn't need to look all around you to solve puzzles or find out of sight stuff, it presented you with all the elements right there and it was your task to walk around and solve it. 3D Overworld could be fun, and it certainly could be challenging, but more often than not could be confusing or alienating, getting lost was way WAY more easy if you didn't have a keen eye for landscapes.

The perfect way a Zelda overwold can be for me is pretty much the way it works with a Link to the Past or Link's Awakening, with one addition: For it to allow you zoom in and enjoy the 3D enviroment, but not rely on it too much. Kind of what I hope A Link Between Worlds will do.

Ain't you a sexy looking game?

And finally, I believe the 3D Dungeons are far superior to the 2D ones. They ooze atmosphere, mood and made me feel uneasy and excited. There is something about entering a new 3D Dungeon, the way its presented, the detail in the architecture, the freaking unique giant doors designed exclusively for every dungeon. They feel like a place that is not welcoming you, like an usurper, like a challenger. You dares enter this place, you need something from here, but its not going to be easy.

And that's something I feel 2D Zelda, while doing a great job at making amazing and atmospheric dungeons, just does not feel as real as the 3D ones. Don't get me wrong, there is some GREAT touching moments and story elements presented in the 2D Zelda dungeons that really worked and make me all fuzzy inside when I play them again, but I feel its not as great as, say, a Boss entry in Ocarina of Time.

But why stop there?

Marrying both elements of Zelda doesn't mean they are entirely different entities just connected through the overworld layout. It could be used for badass puzzle solving too! Perspective puzzles and all that! It could work sometimes like with Fez, where depending on the perspective is the places you can interact with and reach!

Or it could be like the Magic Mirror! And have a Link to explore the world between the 2D world and the 3D world in the same way Light World and Dark World, Past World and Future World interacted. Why not?

Oh! And one more thing...

I want more of this.

Source for the Dark Link fanart: http://loz-dark-link.deviantart.com/
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