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Thought I was finished... I NEED TO GO BACK.


So Westworld's first episode was pretty good, spoilers in comments.


Happy bday to my boy Occams.


You guys, the beatles are pretty good.


I think I'm done with online CCGs (Hearthstone etc). Having to log in every day and follow the meta makes it feel more like work than a game ever should and the ranking systems create far more salt than genuine enjoyment.


Giving up carbs is legitimately the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. At least I can distract myself with my backlog - gonna get into Enslaved.


Which TV shows are you fine folk following?


Question: how long is too long for a cblog? Cos I'm at 1.5k words and I've got a long way to go...


Just crawled over the finish like of Mass Effect Andromeda. Someday I won't force myself to play mediocre RPGs to completion but the day that happens I will no longer be able to call myself a masochist. Expect a very salty series of blogs soon. On to FF13


Happy Birthday to Wes, who literally manages this community of degenerates, and to Larx, who I'm proud to call a fellow degenerate.


Remember when I said Mass Effect Andromeda was 'not that bad'? I was wrong. It's real bad. It's worse than I expected, and I expected bad. I'm gonna go all Kerrik52 on it once I see the other side.


Is it just me, or is Black Mirror reusing old ideas?


I've played a little FFX, and Mass Effect Andromeda, and boy, do I have some thoughts (in the comments).


As someone who has never played the series (or many JRPGs) but watches anime, is Tales of Berseria worth a shot during the sale? Or should I go for Final Fantasy X-X2 instead?


Merry Christmas! If anyone wants it, I've got a key for Train Simulator in the comments.


I suppose I should just give up on watching any Star Wars movie without being spoiled.


Woke up to 2 inches of snow and immediately said 'Aww shit!' Won't be able to do much today but I have got an interesting Pokemon fan theory.


So Nioh's coming to Steam. That's awesome, but I'll hold out for a while because Koei Tecmo don't have the best track record with PC ports.


The new humble bundle looks pretty good (when are they ever not, though?) Wasteland 2, Prototype 2, and Grey Goo (something RTS fans should definitely check out for the campaign alone).


Is there still any time to get in on the Overcoming Fear bloggers wanted writing prompt thing?


Got a hankering for some rpg side-scrolling action, Zelda 2 style. Anyone got any good recommendations (preferably on Steam)?


So.. apparently Youtube are making it harder to link to Patreon (to protect us from abuse, apparently). Who exactly do they expect to make videos for them if nobody can make any money doing so?


Any Dtoiders play Hearthstone? I've come up with an interesting control hunter list. Also apologies if I double post. Was having connection issues.


So Mass Effect Andromeda isn't going to get any more patches, updates, or the promised DLC. That sucks, especially when the game was nowhere near as bad as some made it out to be.


Seeing as everyone's getting out their unpopular opinions, here's mine: Origin is better than Steam.


Replaying Valkyria Chronicles (because I never got round to finishing it), and holy crap is chapter 7 4:a Desert duel with Maximilian a stunningly bad level in an otherwise awesome game so far.


Anyone know a good way to dispose of old broken controllers? Clearing out my room I've found like 4. I can't seem too find any recycling stuff, but there's got to be something better than just putting all that plastic and electronic stuff in the bin.


Quick question: what are people's feelings on emulation?


Just voted. Also, hello Dtoid, because I never introduced myself.


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