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The Protagonist Dilemma

What happens when the main character of a game (or a TV series/movie for that matter) does or says something that turns you against them?  The one character you are supposed to relate to the most becomes utterly detestable, potentially ruin...


'Tis the Day After E3...

And after all that they showed… e3 won me over, with a video of Captain Toad. Saves the day! Well… E3 wasn’t as bad as I thought as it was going to be, but what becomes apparent after sitting through the big three press conferences is the ...


'Twas the Night Before E3...

...and over at my place, there was no hype to be had, oh what a disgrace... Right now this place is quiet... but come tomorrow... E3.  Arguably the biggest event on the game conference calendar.  I'm old enough to remember a time when cov...


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