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The Day After: Thoughts on the election from the losing party. (NVGR)


After 21 months of polls, primaries, and nonstop coverage of the candidate's fashion sense, it's finally over. And even though I didn't support the man who won, he still achieved his victory fair and sqaure. Obama is now our president-elect through no other reason that that is what America wanted. As to what that exactly means, and what the circumstances behind those decisions were, I'm not nearly qualified enough to analyze that.

I left a comment on another post stating my intention to vote for McCain, and I followed through on that election yesterday, the first time I had ever voted in a national election. It's not because I'm racist, or I think Obama is a secret Muslim, or for any other immature, cosmetic reason like that. Obama, from what I've seen, is a terrific politician, speaker, and family man. I have no ill will towards the guy. I just didn't agree with any of his platforms, and I don't think he has enough experience to be President.

McCain wasn't my first choice for candidate, and I believe his campaign was run terribly. The ads he ran, his choice for VP, and his performance at the debates, all might've been able to stand in any other election, but for many voters, obviously paled in comparison to the juggernaut that was the "Hope and Change" movement on Obama's side.

But the Presidency wasn't the only position in question last night either. While the Democrats were expected to maintain their majority, what some didn't expect was to extend it as to almost reach the magical 60-seat mark that would allow the party to break any fillibuster in the Senate. Coupled with a Democratic (and arguably, very liberal) president, bills would get passed with little or no chance for opposition. This is something that truly worried me, and I would say the exact same thing if the Republicans were in this position. No one party deserves that much power over the legislature, and it all but nullifies the very reason for having a partisan legislature in the first place. Granted, that's assuming that all the Democrats vote one way, but that possibility of power is one temptation I do not want among our elected representatives.

Well, America wanted change, and it got it. Whether it will be a change for the better?...We'll find out soon enough.
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