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Action/Adventure World is goes the retail route, 15+ Hours of gameplay

Well, it was only a matter of time until this happened, we have been working on Action/Adventure World for almost a year now and it is apparent that it is going to be a full blown 15 hour adventure priced a $30 bucks. The game is planned to have more levels than Super Mario World, and each level is a long enrichfull experience. The games levels are each World based, with each level consisting in a world with about 5 levels a world and one major boss level a world.

(A screenshot of Construct Zone)

Each level has multiple routes that one can take weather it be higher or lower up that differ greatly. Example in a Forrest level, the bottom most route is beneath the tree tops, the second highest route is higher up in the trees, the third even higher route is above the trees and the fourth highest route is in the plane bombing that said forest. So depending on what parts of routes you take greatly effect your experiences through out the game. There is going to be three different Adventures one can take, one is the Single Player Adventure, The Multi Player CO-OP Adventure, The Third is a Secret Adventure Unlocked if the player beats both the single and multiplayer adventures.

Other than the co op offering of Action/Adventure World, there is also going to be a multiplayer mode as called A Double Sided Affair. In this mode you will selected to play as either one of the 4 hero's or one of the 28 or so enemy's in which you will get to chose out of three enemy's per class ranging on what level it is. So its preety much playing through a level where all the enemy's are player controlled, there's going to be a PC beta by the end of the year to beta test this feature.

The game also has alot of other things that will extend the game. The game may include a level editor but it depends on how bad the fans want it

The combat system is what a few people keep asking me allot about, The game plays like a Platformer Beat' Um Up hybrid. There's a jump button, a run button and then two attack buttons, a third attack can be executed by holding down both attack buttons at once.

Like this

The game is going to take a long time to make since it isn't being developed full time, do to job, life ect.

About Construct Zone. Construct Zone is pretty much Sonic 2's Chemical Plant Zone had a crazy tree way with Darkwing Duck's Quacker Jack Stage and pretty much every City Themed 8 Bit Mega Man Stage. All run by a maniacal Business Duck.

Tell me what you like, tell me what you don't like, tell me what you would like to see in the game, I'm all ears.
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