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Action/Adventure World has Mr.Destructoid in it

I've been working on a game called Action/Adventure World for almost 3 years now. It started out as a joke but quickly became something more. I've been designing games since I was a kid, and Action/Adventure World was one of those games. I drew countless pictures and maps and as consoles evolved so did the game. When I was 6 and It was the NES days it was a platformer. When the SNES came out it was still a platformer but got a world map screen (ala super mario world) When the N64 came out though I seemed to forget about AAW and focus on school. But now I'm an adult and found all of my old AAW drawings and was inspired to make a real game. In 2010 I discovered Destructoid and wanted to do some sort of tie in. So I did.

Now the reason I'm blabing on and on about all of this is because a couple of days ago I saw that Retro City Rampage had a DTOID tie in. So naturally I wanted others to know I had the idea awhile ago. A seen above are Mr. Holmes, Mr. Sterling and Mr. Desructoid in their 8 bit Forms.

In the game, you play as Hero, or his full name Hero Player. Hero is trying to stop a bunch of bad guys who plan on destroying the world to make way for a new visual format that will make the current one look like a joke. They are led by a mysterious leader who is not revealed until the end of the game

Here is a screen that takes place later in the game where the evil leader is telling his followers how the end of all humanity is going to go down. Unaware that Hero is coming to destroy him. The game uses a wonderfully different visual style as well as kirby sounding music, here is the music to the beach level shown above (( https://8bc.org/music/KgZ/Kirby%27s+Wildland/ )) The game also has intuitive boss battles that are more SNES in style then a NES game but work well

This is one of the later boss battles in the game. That one really pops because the background is moving down the whole time. There is also a level where one of the bad guys is looking for you in the woods with helicopters and sends his men after you to track you down. The whole time all these spottlights are shining down into the forrest trying to find you. Its really exciting.

Now the Tie in with DTOID. (If they allow me of course) There is a level called Robotropilis Land which is taken over by evil robots and people. You have to get help since you and the professer aren't enough.

So you go to the only uncorrupted part of the town. Which is the DTOID building. There you meet Mr. Desructoid, Johnathon Holmes and Jim Sterling who agree to aid you on youre quest to rethrow the city. You will be able to play as all of these characters and switch between the Little Sampson style. Each having there own abillitys. Overall the game aims to be a fun time, theres no release date yet seeing as alot of the game need to be finished. But I just thought I would share this with you. It isn't often a not FPS game these days is a fun enjoyable experience that everyone looks forward to, which is a shame. Now its just dismissed as a Kids game and looked down upon. This game come from the eyes of a kid in a time when games where fun to play no matter what they where. Who would have thought that DuckTales, a game based on a TV show would be one of the systems best, that just doesn't happen these days, and neither do games like this. Just like Destructoid, this is a dream a kid had that came to life and became something more.
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