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What Exactly is a "Real Gamer?"

Are you a “real gamer”? How can you be sure? Maybe you think you’re a real gamer, but you actually don’t fit somebody else’s definition of a real gamer. Maybe you’re love for videogames is newly found, and you think you’re a real gamer, bu...


About SSG Gambitone of us since 11:40 AM on 01.17.2014

My name is Remy, I'm the webmaster at The Ultimate Gamer (theultimategamer.com) and I'm obviously something of a gamer.

I tend to lean more toward Xbox but have nothing at all against any other systems. Why can't we all just get along?

Some of my favorite games of all time are:
1. Borderlands 1&2
2. Halo Reach (Yes, I meant to say Reach)
3. Kingdom Hearts 1&2
4. Test Drive: Eve of Destruction

So... Yea, that's me :)