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Things have become a bit "Huge" around here, it seems...

It has been a few years since my last blog entry, and have things have changed for the both of us. Now the father of a wonderful toddler, my spare time and money for such things such as video games and blogging are but a distant memory. However, a pleasant memory...nonetheless.

One day I hope to pick back up where I started (minus the  incessant blogging part), and perhaps introduce my dormant love to another generation of gamers, even it may only be through my own offspring.

Overall, life has been pretty good. Gamers do eventually age more than just physically. Some outgrow our hobby, others continue on, and then there's me: Hibernating for a while, waiting for a time to reemerge from a cocoon of greater responsibilities just long enough to squeeze in a game or two along that path of what we simply refer to as life.

I hope everyone here has been doing well. You are not forgotten, fellow Dtoiders.
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