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PC FNF: November 26th: What I miss?

No you didn't. PC FNF: November 26th: What I miss? Welcome, welcome one and all to the strange orgy spectacle that is PC FNF and it's horrifying host... SP- ... What? I don't help run Steamtoid anymore? Well now that I got that out....


PC FNF: May 28th. The Boy's are Back in Town Edition

PC FNF: May 28th. The Boy's are Back in Town Edition Boom PC FNF is better than Superman fighting Nazis Definite Servers available for play Friday with all official start times. The Ship IP: Gametype: Elimination Pla...


An Apology to Steamtoid and Looking to the Future

Where do I start? I have done many things I need to apologize for. When I took on the job of administrating given to me by WastelandTraveller I promised I would post an FNF thread every week. I don't. I was told not to abuse my powers and...


Spirit of Giving and Why I love Destructoid

Destructoid I am impressed by you. When I found this site a little over a year ago it only seemed to me that it was a good place to find news on video games and look at people argue about which console is better. I did not care much for the...


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