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Gaming's Guilty Pleasures: Glitching

I love glitching in videogames. One look at my username will tell you that much, but why I choose to take part in the art of glitching, and involve myself with others who share the same passion, is an entirely different story. I recogniz...


Fake Bargain Bin Laden #2: Armed and Dangerous

Armed and Dangerous, a game from developer Planet Moon Studios, tried to do something different. Combining British humor, unique guns and gadgets, and third-person shooting, the game succeeded on several fronts and is still a worthwhile e...


Fake Bargain Bin Laden #1: kill.switch

Bargain Bin Laden is my favorite feature on the site, so this my attempt at emulating those reviews. I love buying bargain bin games, and FBBL is where I'll share the ones I like the best. - SPJglitches Short in length but big on gamepla...


About SPJglitchesone of us since 2:25 AM on 01.16.2007

My name is Steve Jacobs and I'm the co-owner of GlitchBlog.com, a blog site for videogame tricks and glitches. I also have my own YouTube account, where I've uploaded trick and glitch videos from nearly twenty different games. I'm also a cheap bastard that loves getting older games from places like Goozex.

I currently own an Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube, and a GameBoy Advance. Some of my favorite games are BioShock, Mass Effect, Metal Arms, the Halo series, KOTOR, Star Wars: Racer, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.