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10 things that were supposed to make my introduction blog!


So I've been meaning to write an introduction blog ever since I did my very first Cblog, which considering that was back in NOVEMBER of LAST YEAR, it's been a very slow process.  Probably because I hate talking about myself.  So this is perfect shot to finally get everything down I wanted to write for it and then some!

(1) My alias is short for "Sir Kirby120"

Yeah...it actually all goes back to my days as a 10-year old who was obsessed with Kirby joining the Nintendo forums as "Kirby 120," my internet debut was anything but graceful.  I made tons of grammatically painful posts, stupid threads, and generally got off-topic.  As I grew older and a tiny bit wiser...and finding out there were OTHER Kirby 120s on the internet (A videogame character with numbers on the end isn't a very unique alias. Who'd have thought?)  I threw a "Sir" at the front during my days playing on Kailerra as a joke, but ended up making it a permanent part of the alias.  I've taken to just shortening down to SK120, but I still get called "Kirbs" on a daily basis.

(2) My prior internet home was VGDC - Video Game Director's Cuts

You may remember that name if you saw the two posts Tony Ponce did when he was still writing here or saw the Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom series epic.  I was never one of the flash animators who gathered there, just a fan of videogames and silly sprite flashes.  However, I DID have my hand in S.M.B.3 Bloopers!  I was the one who suggested the idea of a Jaws-esque scene with the giant Cheep-Cheep, seen in skit #7 That Fucking Fish.  I also "beta-tested" Revenge of the Kongs.  You're welcome!

There's a bunch of stuff I could go into about my time with the place, because it was a forum that had a big impact on me for the 6-7 years I was there and I still talk to a few of the members I met there to this day!  But to try and keep this brief, I'll save that for a Cblog sometime!

(3) I've been playing games for as long as I can remember

Like...literally.  My earliest memory is playing Super Mario World while we were still living in an apartment.  I was either 2 or 3, and most of what I remember is the Donut Plains 1, so it probably meant I wasn't very good at it and dying there a lot.  There might have been twins over there playing with me too?  Not entirely sure!  From there, the world of video games has always been in my life, be it my own interests or watching my brothers growing up.  And as with any youth that grew up with video games...

(4) My dream is to make video games

If you didn't already see that coming.  Ever since I knew having a job was something, I've wanted that job to be making video games. I'd probably try the indie thing doing it. If I could make something that inspired someone else the way the games I've played have inspired me (hell, comics/anime too) that would be truly great.

(5) I currently work at a comic shop

Another big impact in my life, coming up with one of my brothers up to a local comic shop.  I started becoming something of a regular up there, ended up meeting the best friends I've ever had to this day, got to start going to conventions, got into the world of comics, landed my first (And still only) job here!  It all began with the owner getting tired of me talking to the guy at the counter so he had me start helping out, and from there it's just kind of mutated from taking out trash to running the stores, balancing books, and writing just about everything for the Facebook pages we run.  As far as comics go I'm a definite Marvel over DC guy, I generally pick-up whatever cartoon/videogame based comics that get made, and a fair share of indies too.  I've got enough shortboxes to reach the ceiling!

(6) I was a brat as a kid and probably have some form of mental illness

So when I was younger I was something of a brat.  A lot of a brat.  Temper tantrums, whiny, selfish, mean, and a bit underhanded.  If you didn't believe in hitting a kid, you hadn't met me.  I was a complete dickhead as a kid and I'm ashamed of just about all of it.  It's also probably why I cherish things like video games as I do.  Most of my childhood was wasted on stupid rage at times (Okay, most of the time)  for absolutely no reason, but at least my memories associated with playing those games or watching whatever badly subbed anime one of my brothers would bring home are something I can look back fondly of.

This second half is admittedly something I was debating on even mentioning, but seeing some of the personal details others have shared in their 10 things, I feel like I should share something in return.  This one will drag on for a little, sorry!

So a little over a year and a half ago now back in October 2012, I randomly started having panic attacks.  It started being a weekly thing, then multiple times a week, and they kept getting more and more severe as they went on.  When I couldn't stop shivering and felt ready to black out, we finally went to the doctor's and he diagnosed me with depression.  I thought it was silly since I wasn't feeling down in the dumps about anything at the time, and nothing particularly gloomy was stuck on my mind, it just...happened.  I went on taking two different anti-depressants, both of which worked well at first until they took a drastic turn and made everything worse than it ever was.  The first brought on lots of side effects, the tipping point being the return of the Panic Attacks...except now I was waking up to them multiple times a night and every day.  The second time a week into taking it I began hallucinating heavily and felt stuck in very intense flashbacks, and had to go to the hospital to tremble on a table for 2 hours while they scratched their heads and said "I dunno."  Needless to say I was taken off of them immediately, and I've been wary of taking them since.

A neighboring therapist and I talked for a while and said it sounded like I may instead have an anxiety disorder.  I could believe it, and seems a bit obvious in hindsight, I've had extreme anxiety that has come and hit me a few times, and having an anxiety attack when you're 8 feeling like you're going to die at any moment and there's no escaping it probably isn't normal. (I mean...it's not, right?)  These days I'm doing worlds better, though I still have moments where I feel off, it's much more mild and brief and I can just wait it out.  Unable to find an open psychiatrist for any real evaluation I'm left just wondering.  I don't know exactly what's wrong with me, and the doctors I've gone to sure as hell didn't either.  There's tons more I could elaborate on and probably fill out multiple blog entries with all of this bullshit, but I'll spare you my vintage whine.

While it was hands down the worst time of my life, it may have also been a blessing in disguise.  I'm probably closer to my family than I've been in a while actually talking to them here and there, I've felt like trying more and more new things, doing more with my life, and trying to be more involved in what's going on around me.  Not everything on this point had to be depressing!

(7) I suck at picking favorites but Mega Man is my mega jam

Primarily the X series.  I play most of the first 6 multiple times a year, and with the rising popularity of speedrunning and catching AGDQ and SGDQ when they're going on I've even taken to trying to speedrun the original X game. I'm shooting for Any %, and have a lot of practice to do when it comes to the Sigma stages.  The Classic series is pretty rad too, and I'm embarrassed to say I still need to play all of the Zero, ZX, and Legends series.  I should buy that collection sometime.  Battle Network and Starforce...one of these days, but not my cup of tea.

And for those wondering since I work at a comic shop, yes I do have every issue of the Archie series, most of the variants (Gotta order some of the earlier ones), and have everything that Dreamwave put out with the final 4th issue finally being listed online somewhere earlier today and is shipping to me as I type!

(8) I really do mean to write more on here

I've got at least half a dozen different blogs I've thought about doing, be it videogame adaptions into other media (like comics!), rambling about whatever game I'm playing, or even just a blog putting Launch Octopus on blast because he's an asshole.

But sometimes I get home and I'm tired.  I'm already burned out on typing stuff for the stores.  Maybe I feel like using what time I have left in the night to play a game.  Or finally watch something.  Or seeing what people are doing with Source Filmmaker on the side of Tumblr we don't talk about.  Please understand!

(9) ...uhhhhh...random factoids about me!

So you probably saw the mentioning of brothers up there.  I have 3 of them, all older, making me the baby of the family. ...'til my nephew showed up anyways.  Anime is pretty rad too. I suck at picking favorites because my exact tastes are always changing, and I'm always finding new loves for things.  I've started getting into the Gundam franchise lately, watching 0079 and Zeta, and they're awesome!  Double Zeta has been...not so much.  I like buying artbooks/design works for developer insight and anecdotes.  I'm bad at keeping things brief.

(10) Even this white boy's got to shout --

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