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Split-screen? Isn't it the whole point?

This friday night, I had a few friends home and, wondering what to do, we took out a pack of beer and started looking at my rather substantial game collection. We tought "Hey, let's play some games, you've a 360 right there." So, sure enough, I started looking at each games to try and find which games supported split-screen. Out of my 60+ games, only 3 were split -screen enabled: Halo reach, forza 4 and EDF 2017. Useless to say, we overplayed 2 of them and no one wants to get drunk and play a serious racing game. So this brings me to the point of this post: why do I still use a console? Think of it, my 6 year old pc which I paid 550 bucks back in the days still allows me to play most game and, bearing that I pay 150 bucks for a new graphics card, I'll still be good for 2-3 years. So, why do I even have a last-gen console? I looked on my raptr account, and I only played on it for about 5 hours in the last month versus 110+ on pc. I can mod my games on pc, they cost less, you can use whatever peripheral you want. Hell, we didn't have a racing wheel on the 360 for 2 years+ when they understood that theirs were crappy and we had to wait for a crappy new model to come out, its overpriced and it sucks.

So, why do I still have a Xbox? The only thing which got me to get a 64 back in the days was the split screen. Think about it, we had all the cool games on pc such as quake or wolfenstein, why would I settle for golden eye? The split screen, of course. I don't remember the campaign, yet it remains a game which I still hold dearly in my heart. All the time where we were complaining that the other guy was looking on our screen, that was the whole point. It was about socializing, it was why we got together, to have fun. But now, without split-screen, I'm getting all the way back to pc gaming. Sure, there is the ocasionnal exclusive, but first-party are seeing a decline in quality. Think about the great exclusives that might warrant a console purchase, in the last 2 years, they probably fit on your 10 fingers seeing as most great JRPGs never come to abroad and we've got dark souls on pc.

So about consoles, I ask "Split-screen? Isn't it the whole point?". Why wouldn't I simply play on my pc, its plugged on my tv, I have a pc compatible controller, which will last me until it breaks, and not until I am forced to buy a new console. I won't buy the next gen-consoles, many friends probably won't, so aren't console makers shooting themselves in the foot by not pushing split-screen? The wii U had quite respectables sales, it isn't about the graphics, its only slighly above current gen consoles and its still more expensive than a 350 or a ps3, so why are people buying it? Perhaps that when developpers understand "social experience", they shouldn't think about online gaming, but come back to the roots, a truly social experience which could more or less only be found on nintendo's console in the old gen.

Maybe that the reason that people might turn to nintendo in the next gen, is simply because they are getting fed up of the AAA bs. When the "hardcore audience", the dedicated gamers, which I consider myself part of, look at the mainstream in an arrogant way, maybe we aren't that wise. While we look at nintendo products, we think it's for kiddies but maybe we were wrong all along and that only if we took the time to keep an open mind, we could have found something so much more enjoyable. The biggest fun I had when I was a kid came from the splitscreen and now look at me, being a cynical asshole. Looking back, maybe we should have stayed to the roots. I mean, i started playing pokemon yellow on my old gameboy color recently, and i must admit that I'm probably having more fun than with any modern shooter.

I'm being redundant, I know, but still, maybe that our view of what gaming should be is wrong. We think about kinect and the wii and think about the gimmicks but maybe it isn't about the gimmicks, maybe its about the hope that maybe we might find some of the fun we had back in the days. People who are interested in Kinect aren't interested in the serious games, they just want something akin to the old DDRs, they just want something to be able to boot up when people get over and look silly, some simple fun. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right, that is up to you to decide. I've got an idea, agree or disagree, and I would be happy to hear your opinions. This seems like an old discussion that people had for the last five ears, and it's probably the case, but there is still, I think, some relevance about questionning the direction of AAA games. Many people complain that there are too many "brown shooters" but, as you might have understood if you've read this far, I think that it is simply a symptom of a bigger problem. What it is exactly? I have a hard time putting it into words and tbh, you probably already have an idea of wht it is, so, you know, do your thing, go watch porn or something, this blog post is over and I don't know how to end it, so fuck off or something (jk, I really have no idea how to end this rant, so, you know)

What's that? My blog post ended up in a random rant that has little to nothing to do with my original idea? And am I supposed to care? I'm crazy, remember? Oh, you don't know me? But I know you, very well... See you tonight, I'll be masturbating behind the tree across the street, if you want me to get you something like chips or something, just shout, I'll be right there
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