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Bobservations: Why So Serious?


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Good Morning, kids.  Today I'm talking about fans vs "fanboys."  When does taking something too seriously make us morons?

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It's great to be a fan of something.  Your favorite team, actor or even game/game company.  We buy whatever they're selling and are quick to promote our favorites.  If we encounter fans of an opposing view, we may deride them jovially and everyone has a good laugh.  We keep things cool and don't take it too seriously (there's that word again).

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Sometimes there are individuals who take things to the extreme, such an undying love for an interest to the point of zealousness.  This is usually involving a subject that can be compared to a similar subject (Superman vs Batman, Sony vs Microsoft etc).  Like any zealot, their champion is the one true champion an damn anyone else who says otherwise.  These people are commonly referred to as "fanboys" or "fangirls".
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It's great to have passion for something, but is it necessary to belittle other people for not having the same beliefs?  Things escalate quickly when people with apposing beliefs fight back with the same fervor.
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To the individuals involved these exchanges feel a little something like this.
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In actuality they come off looking a little more like this.
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I think anonymity is the catalyst that drives the hate.  The internet offers an easy way to communicate anonymously, so people have a tendency to throw civility to the wind because they can get away with it.  You don't typically have such crass idiocy in face to face encounters, unless we're talking about a sports team.
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Is this what's going to happen when XB1 and PS4 launch later this year?
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Particularly in the case of gaming, I think another driving factor is money.  A lot of folks can only afford one console or another, so they make their choice and they want to feel good about it.  When they see someone slamming their console, they take that as a personal offense and defend their perceived honor with much vigor.
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As I write this a realize I could go on much longer, but we have to stop somewhere.  The heart of my message here is stop taking this stuff so seriously (there it is again).  Have we forgotten that we all enjoy playing games?  The main purpose of a game is to have fun. Stop sitting on the internet all day having a pissing contest and go have some fun!
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Now, I'm going to go find something to play.
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Seriously yours,
Bob Ellis
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