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Rewind Ep.3 - Killer7

Just like a perfectly crafted and thrown boomerang, we are back for another installment of Stephen Pastic's Rewind - the target this week being Killer7. Released in 2005 for the Gamecube and Playstation 2, Killer7 was the first major title...


Rewind Ep.2 - Still Life

Welcome back, nostalgia fiends! This week on "Stephen Pastic's Rewind", we go against conventional wisdom and take a look back at something of a niche title, as opposed to something bound to garner far more hits - i.e. Metal Gear Solid (ke...


Rewind Ep. 1 - Super Metroid

Welcome ladies and jellybeans to the first episode of "Stephen Pastic's Rewind" - a brand new series looking at titles from the past which i routinely return to. Kicking things off with a megaton sized bang for episode 1 is Super Metroid fo...


Re-thinking the 'Quick-Time Event'

Over the last few years, quick time events (QTE's) have become one of the most prolific tropes in modern gameplay. Allowing developers to show off their cinematic flair without having to implement ordinary gameplay to account for the awe...


The worst sex offenders in gaming

Attention citizens! Coinciding with a marked jump in the incidence of digital deviance in recent years, reports have been made of suspicious characters lurking among game collections worldwide. For your safety, we have compiled a list of ...


So, you want to be a games writer?

*An aspiring gaming writer's look at what like minded individuals should consider while in the process of developing their craft - equal parts self aggrandising, pretentious and (hopefully) somewhat interesting, Stephen Pastic pretends to...


Multiplayer - check the use-by date

The current console generation has ushered in many things we gamers take for granted nowadays. From downloadable content to high definition graphics, a lot of what is now common was either something of a rarity or widely non-existent a fe...


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