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Android - Only a true Smart Phone

What is a true smart phone? For me, my phone has to be unique and individual. For me, Smart Phone means, my phone is smart and I can do anything to it without restrictions. That is not the case with Apple iPhones and this is why.

In response to Android - Only the worst games and OS

As someone who is a previous owner of an iPhone, I absolutely LOVE my current Nexus One. It doesn't feel like a step down from the iPhone and if anything, its a major step up. Being a phone that was made more than a year earlier than the latest iPhone4, I honestly believe it performs just as fast(if not, faster when OC-ed) as an iPhone4. It takes better pictures, customizable desktop screens, widgets, and receives my latest gmail emails without any hassle to configure it.

But of course, I'm just talking about hardware. Software wise, the appstore has just as many(actually more) junk as there are on the Market. You know how they say "the appstore has 10000000 apps more than the Marketplace that makes it more advanced and established" well, that 10000000 more apps are the junk apps. Which is to say, the Marketplace may have junk apps but there are many more on the appstore.

Although, I Do agree with you the marketplace doesn't have as many games for "hardcore" gamers. But hey, if I wanted to play a hardcore game on the go, I would whip out my PSP or DSi. My phone has enough shit to do pulling my emails, checking facebook/twitter, chatting on gchat/google voice, allowing me to google when I need to, not getting me lost when I am(google maps), and playing mp3s all at the same time. And at the end of the day, I'm surprised it still hasn't shut off. In fact, it can go almost two days with all those applications in the background before it completely shuts off on me.

In the end, you may say "oh but you can jailbreak the iPhone and get as much juice as i want from it" the truth is this: Coming from the iPhone jailbreak community, jailbreaking is more trouble than its worth. You have to have the right model number for your phone, the right baseband, the right firmware to make it work. If one of the three isn't compatible, you're screwed and you have to wait for the next firmware release/baseband unlock hack etc. Its almost like you have to be destined with your phone to jailbreak it.

"jailbreaking" on android isn't jailbreaking at all. Theres no hassle involved mainly because everything is open sourced. If you have problems with your current phone, just look up any android forums (I recommend xda-developers.com) for the latest custom firmware and try that out see how you like it. If you don't, install another one. The process is as easy as backing up your apps with Titanium and loading the custom firmware to experience endless possibilities.

So here I am telling you, if you are looking to buy an iPhone, stop and think again. But of course, like the many other people I tell this to, you wouldn't believe me and will eventually get an iPhone anyways. To those people, I wish you all the best but I don't need or even want to know how much you love your iPhone.

PS: also on the topic of games, the latest announcement of Xperia Play does seem to have some potential in the 'hardcore gaming' in android devices some of you seek. Although I'm not as hyped for it as the 3DS, If you're looking for a new smart phone that can play games, I say Xperia-Play might just be the future.
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