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Coming Back from College

Well, this is my FIRST POST! *throws a small party*

Yeah, basically, I just finished my freshmen year at college, but I didn't have any of the new game consoles up here. I had a gamecube, but I didn't really have much time to play it. However, now that summer is finally rolling around, I can try and catch up on what's going on in the gaming world. I've tried to keep up with the updates but it's easy to fall behind, so hopefully I can keep up.

I have a PS3 and a Wii that I'm currently gaming on, recently purchased Burnout Paradise. It's a lot of fun, especially since I've been playing it for about...let's see...2 hours since buying it this morning off PSN. I got the "Ultimate Bundle" though it hardly seems ultimate since the only thing really in is the Bikes and the online modes. But hey, I was happy. I'm enjoying the beauty that is Lib...No...Paradise City. I've been doing that a lot. Gotta love GTA.

ANYWAY, I get off track really easily...But yeah, I've found that my gaming skills have essentially died as of lately, I've lost a lot of those Twitch-style reflexes. Gonna try to get back into the swing of things though, and hopefully start going into the wonderland of online gaming that seems to have passed me by. With the PS3 at home while I was on campus, I had no way of getting online. BUT NOW I DOOOOO! :D

My PSN (whatever the equivalent of a gamertag is called) is Ryoma90, same as my username. I'm hoping to meet some people here and online to just play games and have fun with. So, with that, I end my first blog post. It's getting late over here.

PS. I need an upper banner..thing...What should I put there...?
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I'm gonna try and post a new blog every weekend. We'll see if I can keep a schedule.
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