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Monster Hunting with Monster Hunting 3 Ultimate

The game is barely three days old and already I'm hooked. I would have never thought I would be saying this if you asked me two weeks ago. But here I am, playing on my breaks, playing at night, and playing in the morning. I'm captivated in this world of monster hunting.

This is my first monster hunting game. That being said, I regret not getting into this series earlier. The game is very fun and the quest setup is very fun. You start off as a monster hunter known by all in your tribe you live with. They all help you in one way or another but once you leave town, you are on your own. It starts off with a rather small area for you to explore. Very easy quests are available and just getting to know the controls is the trick. I would highly recommend using the Circle Pad Pro. Using the D-Pad to control the camera is the worst part of the game. I can get by this by using the L button but I can see where the Circle Pad Pro would help this game out greatly.

Other than that, there is little to complain about this game. They use the streetpass functionality of the 3DS very well and I love the customization of the character and gear. I'm excited to get better gear so I can take on more monsters. There is a guild card you have that when you streetpass, it will be passed on along with your character, stats, gear, and monster hunts. I have yet to slay my first featured monster but I know it will be soon.

There are a lot of cool features, quests, and monsters in this game. I look forward to playing and would recommend this game to anyone. Happy Hunting.
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