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About Ryan Slatteryone of us since 12:56 AM on 02.10.2010

Yes, that is my name. I also happen to know it is pretty popular so I'm not too worried. Who would want to stalk me anyway? I'm not that awesome (Not yet, anyway).

There's not really much to say except I love reading and I think I love playing video games just as much. They're in constant competition! That love of reading actually translates into a love of games; that is, I have a rabid affection for RPGs for the most part. Not a big fan of shoot 'em up games, much like Halo or Modern Warfare or whatever the latest franchise is lately. Yeah, this brand of RPGs includes a wide range, from Final Fantasy to Dragon Age, from Shin Megami Tensei (Persona, for the most part) to Breath of Fire. On the occasion, if it intrigues me enough, I add games like BioShock to the repertoire. Story really plays a heavy factor in the gaming for me but don't get me wrong! Gameplay, graphic style, how well the whole package comes together: all of this does come into play of my saying what's good or what's bad. It's just a matter of perspective.

There are other things about me but I think I'll let you discover that for yourself if and when you read through my posts via blog. Write on, comrades and have a fun time gaming: that's what counts.