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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and Why I Hope You Never Play This Game

I recently had the pleasure to finally play through Enslaved and the DLC (Pigsy Perfect 10). I can say, personally, that it one of the better games I have ever played in recent memory. Then word has been coming out that it couldn’t even break 500k copies while (shit) games like K&L 2 broke over 1 million. And you know what? This is a good thing.

Being a homeowner and taking a more active role physically (gym, running, etc) hasn’t given me a lot of time as in my youth to sit down and pour hours upon hours into video games. I enjoy my dose of franchise games like any other but I also try to hit up the indie and lesser known ‘hits’. In prelude to Enslaved, I remember not being intrigued as Heavenly Sword was a pleasure to look at but felt lacking. I remember seeing some screenshots and previews of Enslaved which left me uninterested but aware of its early October release.

As the reviews poured in, I was piqued by the amount of fun reviewers were having. GT quoting that it was equivalent to a book page turner with solid combat and characters that you actually care about. I was sold on the reviews but not at the price point. 60 dollars at the time was hard on my budget and decided to wait. It was no matter than a couple of weeks when the game on Amazon Gold Box for a measly 25 dollars. I picked it up without hesitation. Fast forward a couple of months until the end of January where I finally unraveled the shrink-wrap and began to play.

The reviews were right. I had sunk nearly 10 hours just short of a US work week to beat the game on hard and mop up some of the achievements for my gamer score. I bought the DLC shortly thereafter and plowed through that in a day. My roommate every now and then would come down and ask me what I was playing.

“Enslaved Odyssey to the West” I would say. “A really great game. You should play it when you have the chance.” “Yeah I might have to do that” said my roommate as he watched for a few minutes then went back upstairs to play World of Warcraft.

As I finished off the DLC, I sat for a few moments and reflected that I enjoyed the week of gaming I put forth into this title. I felt the game delivered on the reviews it received and that it tied up the game wonderfully without having to make it obvious that a sequel could be a couple years down the line.

That being said, would I actually want to see an Enslaved 2? My answer is no. Very rare does a game (especially that of a new IP release) come out that starts and ends conclusively and satisfyingly. I’m certain that Garland could have planned or thought of a sequel with the success of the game but sometimes I feel games that come, shine brightly and fade into good memories for those that play it.

I’m certain that if they game found success it would be skipping along the Bioshock 2 path. A game that pays homage to the first but never gets it completely right. Oh, and the pathetic multiplayer portion crammed onto the disc which (if done right of course) could be seen as appreciated but essentially throwaway.

I felt great to play Enslaved as it now remains as a personal favorite and that it will remain on my mental “Top Ten” current gen best games for as long as I give a fuck to keep track. And while you can pick up the game with DLC from Amazon and the Marketplace (separately) for a total of under 45 dollars (and that will probably go down as the 2011 year trots along) I don’t think we will see an influx of purchases anytime soon. It may be hipster of me to state such an opinion but I truly believe that it is the consumers fault for not branching out and giving games like this a try.

TL;DR : Enslaved is a great game that a majority of gamers will and have passed up. If Enslaved did sell well, a sequel could have come along and have a good chance of ruining a very rare great encapsulated new IP single player experience.
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