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Why the Vita Can Still Succeed


The vita is really really ill

The PlayStation Vita , a failure some may call it and so far on the software side it is a failure with shooters such as resistance and call of duty receiving below average entries in there respective franchises. Although kill zone is in the distant future of September , September cannot come soon enough and besides Keji Inafunes Soul Sacrifice , Media Molecules Tearaway and the aforementioned kill zone mercenary the vitas 2013 line up is all but bear

Can Media Molecules Next Could Be Gem Save The Vita

How can the vita be saved

Price Drop - The vita needs a price drop to turn it around (like the 3ds). The vita is an expensive piece of hardware and to top it off the memory cards only add to the expense. A price drop would benefit as sales would not only increase but it would allow Sony to bundle the vita with either killzone or maybe even the ps4 depending on how the two systems interact. The price needs to drop about 50 (approx $75) to sell enough units to become a success.

1st Party Support - Sony get together a bunch of big vita fall releases in time for the holiday season. Release a God of War and get Sony Bend to make Golden Abyss 2 add in killzone mercenary and a price drop and its a sure-fire way to sell vitas. Assassins Creed 3 Liberation reportedly sold 600000 units which considering the install base of the vita this is relatively good numbers. If Sony conjures a strong fall line up and drops the price the 3rd party support with follow suit. This needs to be like the nintendos 3ds turn around of fall 2011 with mario kart , 3d land and the price drop. Sony needs to pull the switch on the vita and fast.

The frustration of Kratos in God of War is Comparable to my Frustration with vita 1st party support

Its common nowadays in games journalism sites such as Destructoid and IGN to read comments from readers complaining about how the vita has no games. While that may be true for the current state there are enough vita titles to go back to that should keep people occupied at the moment. I aim to highlight some of these titles and give a quick review round up as the current vita drought continues :

Uncharted Golden Abyss

Although it was bashed for its gimmicks which personally I believed all were used well except the hand to hand combat swipe mechanic. This was one of the stand out launch titles and is a really good game. The uncharted name almost does it a disservice as the amazingly high standard that naughty dog had set for the home console games couldn't be reached by bend especially as it was probably put out quicker then needed for vita launch. Hopefully Sony Bend can improve in Golden Abyss 2 but all in all as a 1st try its a great launch title. 7.5/10

Wipeout Vita

I can praise this racer till the cows come home. Great launch title on par with the console version. Gimmicks can be turned off if required although they are generally well used. Cross Play feature works great and to top it all off Playstation Plus here in Europe are about to put this on the instant games collection. Although its not the realistic racer such as a Gran Turismo that most are used to once you adjust its a blast. 8.0/10

Sound Shapes

One of the greatest little platformers I have played in the last few years. I would go as far to rank it up there with Rayman Origins as one of the best of them. Mechanics are great, no forced gimmicks, the sound design is the best of any vita game and it is all wrapped up in a cheap cross buy bundle. The demo is up on the store for you to try yourself. A must buy for any vita owner. 9.0/10

Little Big Planet Vita

I am in no way a Little Big Planet fan and personally I like the look of media molecules next game upcoming vita game tearaway better. But LBP vita is in my view the definitive version of the series and was the first that really engaged me as a player. If you enjoy the other games you will love this but don't let it pass you buy if the series hasn't grabbed you yet. 8.5/10

Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush is the best reason to own a vita hands down. I look forward to see it become a franchise as the surprise I was taken by when i first played the game. I became overwhelmed by the sheer polish shown throughout the game. I thoroughly enjoyed It and unless you are completely turned of by the idea of playing any sort of Japanese game you will enjoy it to. Besides realism in games is overrated and the idea of having to suspend your belief when playing games like this is so dated. Games should take you away and transport you to another world and gravity rush does just that 9.0/10

A notable emission from this list is Persona 4 Golden as it hasn't been released here in the UK and I will get round to reviewing it later on. I hope I have shown you readers how perception of the vita needs to be changed and what Sony needs to do to get this handheld back on track. And hopefully if this does occur the first picture on the article will transform into this :
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