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DmC: Devil May Cry Review

DmC : Devil May Cry Ps3 Review

Everyone's favourite demon slayer is back and while quite not as you remember him , overall , developer Ninja Theory have successfully rebooted this franchise after the travesty of devil may cry 4 and as a result have created one of the most exciting and engaging action games in recent memory.

While im not quite this good at these sorts of games I really enjoyed it

First things first lets get this straight, I am in no way a veteran player at these games. Never played Ninja Gaiden , never played Bayonetta. I would say the closest experience I have had to this genre before playing this game is the god of war series or devil may cry 4. I had briefly played heavenly sword but besides that my experience with ninja theory is very little but it is safe to say this game deserves to sell more then it has been. It is top to bottom an amazing experience and to my knowledge has re-invigorated this action/combo-based genre ( as to be quite honest devil may cry 5 wasn't going to happen ) with Metal Gear Rising Revengeance also released recently. I will review MGR as well later down along the line but Its going to be hard for Platinum top this.

I will take this........

......over this any day


Before any old-school devil may cry players get annoyed at what I just suggested above I can confidently stand behind that as my opinion. DmC is better then Devil May Cry 4 in almost every way especially the story. For one Dante is not a quote on quote 'emo' like old-school dmc players were touting. Dante is the same cocky little shit he has always been and not quite as camp as the blonde haired over the top Japanese design was , he still retains the good elements from earlier games while removing the unnecessary traits of past games.

The story itself is quite interesting Dante is Nephilim - half angel and half demon. The game opens with Dante in a strip club taking some angel-women-things back to his trailer. This showed me a more edgy side that has been severely lacking in recent instalments. The world is being controlled by Mundus the demon king who is enslaving the humans via an energy drink , a corrupt news reporter and debt. Mundus previously killed Dante's angel mother Eva and imprisoned his Demon Father Sparda. Dante meets up with his brother Vergil and a human ally Kat. The interesting part about these characters is the relationships present between the three of them. I found the story itself interesting enough to keep me drawn in from beginning to end and without spoiling much I should say certain events later on in the game are very interesting ( in a good way ).

I found this funny, others were not so happy


Despite being an Unreal Engine 3 game DmC is really pretty. I played through on ps3 and while nothing made me go wow (ala Uncharted or Journey) It looks very well done and the amount of polish shows. There is a wide variety of colours present throughout and the distinct new direction present in DmC and its a refreshing change from the environments used in the devil may cry of old.

Mundus is a great villain in DmC and his presence is felt throughout the game


The Music of DmC is spectacular, it fits perfectly and sets the scene for the game as a whole. It does a great job at getting the player pumped for a heated boss fight with a great mixture of metal and electronic music. Put on a great pair of headphones and as long as you don't mind a handful of metal you will enjoy it.

Old Dante can't rock like this


This is the big one , how does the gameplay hold up and to me a player who isn't at all experienced in this genre I found the combat in DmC to be fluid and rewarding. I was frequently obtaining SS ranks throughout (but not SSS as I was playing through on Nephilim/hard difficulty). The sheer amount of weapons at your disposal allows a wide variety in combat. You use L2 and R2 to use your demon and angel weapons respectively. This adds to the combat as it allows you to juggle your enemies with a variety of weapons and obtain that precious S rank. On a harder difficulty the enemies give the player a decent challenge so if you have any experience with these games and consider yourself half-decent at them hard/Nephilim is the way to go. The increase in difficulty will maximise both your enjoyment and playtime but if your not as good at these games you should be able to scrape by on normal/human. (The reason I chose to play on hard despite not being experienced at these games is that one I had heard from various podcasts that normal is not challenging enough and two I had heard that the length of the game would increase substantially with a higher difficulty.

Suck on This Succubus - Dante - DmC

Where DmC goes from a good game to a great game is the boss fights. I found each one of these to be extremely satisfying both on a design perspective and gameplay perspective. The Succubus boss fight which was shown in the demo released in November is pictured above. This fight I found enjoyable despite dying around about ten times the game kept me drawn in and helped be pull through in the end , this is all helped by a killer soundtrack with a mixture of metal and electronic music keeping me as a player pumped for each and every boss fight. As the game goes on it just gets better ending with one of my favourite final bosses in recent memory.

Final Verdict

DmC : Devil May Cry hits the nail on the head. This is exactly how a reboot should be with imersive gameplay , a killer soundtrack , great level design and some of the best boss battles in recent memory. Platinum Games has been put on notice as MGR is going to have to be amazing to top this. Also Put on notice is Crystal Dynamics as the bar has been raised for reboots and Tomb Raider needs to reach that bar. Simply put it when game of the year comes along I will remember this as a strong point of 2013. Capcom get Ninja Theory at work on a sequel right away or I swear to god I'm going to flip out. A must-buy for any fans of devil may cry and this genre as a whole.

What I Played : Ps3 version , Nephilim/Hard Difficulty , spent roughly 15 hours playing

Good: Great Boss Battles
Stimulating Soundtrack
Fluid Combat

Improvements: Lock-On System
Better Camera for large scale enemy encounters
Devil Trigger isn't that amazing

4/5 Buy Me Now
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