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DmC: Devil May Cry Review

DmC : Devil May Cry Ps3 Review Everyone's favourite demon slayer is back and while quite not as you remember him , overall , developer Ninja Theory have successfully rebooted this franchise after the travesty of devil may cry 4 and as a ...


The Gaming Soundtrack of My Life So Far.......

Music. Its important to our movies and its important to our games. Recently I have come to understand the importance of music in our past time of video games. As I have become older and have gained more and more experience with video games ...


Nintendon't Understand

Nintendo have just had a Nintendo direct almost entirely focusing on the 3ds and while the 3ds having more games announced isn't a bad thing. Nintendo have completely missed the boat with the Wii U. I own a Wii U and as a 15 year old male...


Why the Vita Can Still Succeed

The vita is really really ill The PlayStation Vita , a failure some may call it and so far on the software side it is a failure with shooters such as resistance and call of duty receiving below average entries in there respective franchis...


About Rwh1hayone of us since 4:20 PM on 02.13.2013

Hi I'm Reece I'm a 15 year old growing up in the UK. I've been in love with video games for about ten years and would love to write about games for a living.

-My favourite games are Super Smash Bros Melee, Kingdom Hearts 1 and Metal Gear Solid 2

-My 1st console was the gamecube

- I currently own a PS3 , a PS vita and a Wii U

- When I'm not playing games I enjoy listening to alternative music e.g. the strokes, the white stripes, etc

- You can find me on ps3 at the Id of ReeceBox due to my friends thinking my head is a bit square

- I am looking to regularly blog on what I have been playing and reviewing played occasionally throwing in an opinion piece.

I welcome any criticism as I look to improve my writing skills further and to use them to put a foot in the door of the video game industry.

Yours sincerely Reece...