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So, that one forum recently had its PC threads up on fire (Due to a moderator abruptly leaving, possibly because the EGS topic had taken a toll on him too), and I guess this post summarize how hard it is for any PC community to thrive anywhere.


Oh boy, here it comes. (And consider me guilty as well, as I bought it for really cheap last year too)


The video that finally made me, ironic enough, a Chinese myself (Malaysian of Chinese descent, to be exact), interested in the Three Kingdoms events. Still not interested in any of Koei Tecmo's games (Yes, even Dynasty Warriors) though.


I had enough of Deus Ex: Invisible War. In addition to it being a heavily consolized, dumbed down game, the bloody thing won't even want to run on a discrete graphics card.


So the teaser for Star Wars: Episode IX just came out, and it's OK enough. I'm willing to take one last ride on the theatres before I'm done with the franchise as a whole for good. (As in not keeping track on any other bloody canon events)


Not sure if this is a good dance party GIF, but it's certainly another enjoyable moment in the middle of my Tarantino movies binge watch.


I just tried the Supraland demo on Steam, and it was really fun. Aside from some frustrating sections and questionable dialogues, this First-Person Metroidvania puzzle game is definitely worth a look.


Randy, I know you have quite a hard-on for Epic, but that doesn't mean it's wise to throw away your Steam fanbase instead of having it coexist with Epic. I have no love for review-bombings either, but how else would your fans express their displeasure?


Both Hitman: Blood Money & Absolution just arrived on GOG! For 75% off until April 11th too! (GOG links were a bit wonky to be embedded here, so the store links will be on the comments below.)


Welp, my luck finally ran out. After a few close calls in the past, I finally collided with another car. Oddly enough, despite the both of us made our police reports, I have yet to receive a summon, despite the evidence against me. No injuries, though.


[BUMP] Finally a way to skip most longer cutscenes in the PC version of Max Payne 3. It's occasionally buggy, and I had screen and graphical glitches in some levels, but it's a good effort nonetheless and hopefully it gets better. Links on the comments.


Amidst the resurgence of the character action genre, why wasn't the Ninja Gaiden reboot games being re-released on current systems and PC? Even if Team Ninja isn't interested in doing another one, why isn't Tecmo Koei cashing in on the popularity?




Halo 2 for the PC done, and I'm mixed about it. While it did gave us the Arbiter, the Covenant some proper English lessons, and the friendly AIs isn't braindead on vehicles anymore, the new human weapons felt nerfed, and the level designs feel 'off', etc.


A Digital Devolver game is now confirmed to be sold exclusively on the Epic Games Store (Unconfirmed if it's just for 1 year or otherwise), which is funny, since the CFO of DD did mocked the EGS and its exclusivity a few months ago via tweets.


Sooo I heard Square Enix recently snuck in an always-online DRM into the PC version of Final Fantasy X/X-2 under the guise of bug fixes after 3 years, because reasons and shit. Could any owners here confirmed that?


Finally watched The World's End, and it was good. It's on the lowest on my Edgar Wright movie ranking list, but not as disappointing as what the audiences says, and I do relate to what Gary King went through in the movie as I do now.


Shouldn't be surprised that some people here were 100%/0% towards Epic/Steam instead of acknowledging of the benefits and flaws of both platforms. (Not the mods though, they and Torchman was still neutral about it)


Played the first PC port of Halo CE again. Good game. Okay port (Mods FTW). Still annoyed at some of the console-friendly FPS functions. Master Chief doesn't have much of a personality here. The Flood was alright. 343 and The Library levels still suck.


...I'd still like my games on my personal storage devices, Google. Thank you very much.


New Oddworld: Soulstorm trailer! I should get myself acquainted with the series someday. (EDIT: Qtoid & Qpost page comments synchronizations are still FUBAR)


Remember Fraser Anning and his statement regarding Christchurch? He recently got egged by a teenager. Thankfully an egg is the only thing he gets. Anning reacted badly and put a fight with him before his bodyguards restrain him poorly. Boy's fine, though.


The best birthday gift this year: finally getting a refund for the Phoenix Point project. It's already quite a downer of a day, so fuck the Christchurch shooters, fuck the tone-deaf politicians right now, and fuck Julian Gollop. Good night, everybody.


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