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It's sad that Mainland China will continue to keep forcing Hong Kong to accepts its authoritarian policies, as the extradition was recently postponed instead of scrapped entirely. If only it could demand a secession from the mainland...


Timmy, please get your own PR team ASAP. You're going to embarrass the third-party devs under your store, and insulted other devs who wants to work with other stores too. And it's certainly not in your favor amid the controversy surrounding your store.


I'm done with Homefront. A mediocre FPS that has an interesting premise and decent AIs, with heaps of wasted potential to make it so much better. Not sure if I want to go through Homefront: Revolution, which existed on my backlog, in the future.


Paper Cult is now giving away Steam demo keys of Bloodroots, a mashup of Samurai Jack, Jackie Chan & Hotline Miami (that's what the devs says), when you subscribe to their newsletter.


Now that E3 simmered down a bit, here's my short, dumb take.


...Uh, interesting. Shame I don't have a VR yet, but interesting nonetheless. The weapons are going to be so OP on a VR controllers, though.


No refunds for Steam backers, huh? This will be fun.


Yay, PC Gaming show coming up next.


So in an alternate universe, Theodore Logan was finally forced into military draft, became overtly cynical, broke his friendship with Bill, critically injured in battle, put to cryo sleep for several years, and took the name Johnny Silverhand? I buy it.


Also, Tim Sweeney recently on his Twitter conversations on the celebratory of Satisfactory's 500K sales, posted his answer regarding the crunch in his company, which sounds tone-deaf at best, and ignorant at worst. Source on the comments.


Metro Exodus just showed up on the Windows Store, which kinda makes Epic doing the exclusivity deals to keep off Steam (and GOG) looks much more shallow than before. Still not getting it, as the region pricing is still too expensive compared to Steam's.


Done with Gears of War (GFWL), and it's literally the browniest game I've ever played. Not helping were lots of environments being diluted heavily in brown till my eyes hurts. Fun game though, hopefully Gears 1-5 will appear on Steam in the future.


Done with System Shock 1. Personally, it was a great game that aged poorly due to the dated and overly-complicated controls (Yet to play both Ultima Underworlds yet). I'd rather play the sequel anyday, but SS1 is still a recommended first-time experience.


Finally, a few people get the joke about its name!


Chernobyl, man. Hell of a ride. Basically what happens if Prometheus presents you a beneficial yet dangerous gift, and you underestimate that gift by handling it with cheap, fragile equipment. I'm not sure if I want to rewatch it the second time though.


Saw the Death Stranding trailer. It's Hideo Kojima's work, alright. It'll be a love-it-or-hate-it thing some time after the game's release. I'll wait till if it's on PC to experience it. (Never played Snatcher, Policenauts or any MGS games. Not even MGSV)


So for any classic DOOM players here, were there some sort of recommended audio/video GZDOOM settings to achieve the proper classic DOOM feel like they meant to be experienced in the '90s? And if you don't like GZDOOM, then what's your recommendation?


So I just lost my job, the second time this year. Because I fucked up on behind the scenes footages (never thought to get any stabilizing equipments and overexposured scenes looks OK to my eyes). Have a lot of self-hatred, doubt and regret at the moment.


The new Terminator trailer is here, and I'm already not feeling it with the horrible CGI and unnecessarily ridiculous set-pieces (Like how Genisys did!). Not even Arnie and Linda Hamilton could salvage this. It's a dead franchise walking at this point.


Just completed No One Lives Forever 2. It was just as great, if not better than the last game. Some good (better intel/skill system, more stealth options, one crazy boss fight), some bad (respawning guards, dragging levels, somewhat limited locales), etc.


Apparently the CEO of THQ weren't too happy with their business relationship with Epic, which is strange, considered that Epic said it was a success. (Even then, it's odd that Epic would celebrate a game's launch success instead of the original devs/pubs)


Good god, those poor guys from Chernobyl being dead corpses breathing. Guess I'm never looking at Fallout ghouls the same way again. Also, this show better win some fucking awards for makeup, among other achievements.


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