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Do you know that one of the cast of Star Wars consist of two Nintendo characters? #joketoid


After watching a few Ace Combat 7 trailers, I just have the urge to play this classic TV theme for the hundredth time. It's so good, that I might binge-watch it sometime in the future. Wish it got a reboot series/movie already.


Just played through RE1 (The original PC one, through less-legal means) on both Chris and Jill's turn. Scary-ass and old yet funny game that's still good. Hunters can go fuck themselves though, and I actually played through the L4D2 RE1 custom map first.


One of Danny O' Dwyer's old video during his tenure at GameSpot. Regarding a genre relevant for these few weeks, and the ones EA & Konami still nickle and dimed to this day.


The next upcoming work-in-progress release of RE4 "REAL" HD mod, featuring the 100% remastered Village map. (And more.)


All these game trailers keep telling me that I have to find a job fast, be a responsible adult, pay bills, have a good financial stability for the future, and buy better PC hardwares (Console products pending). It's both exciting and depressing, really.


Final verdict's here. Have a good day/night, everyone.


Current status after the Square Enix E3 livestream (Yes, I know I said shit already):


Updated. Unfortunately I have to skip Ubisoft and PC for my own health.


A bit wary of DMC5. Hopefully it's classic DMC with some of the good things from DmC. Still wary of the level designs (Arguably the worst aspect of DMC4). Also, I keep replacing Nero's theme with this in the trailer in my head.


Updated. Will skip MS (It'll be 4am here, for pete's sake). Bethesda & Devolver better be good.


I'll update my report card (And fix the typo) tomorrow, but for now, a toast to our former buddy, Westwood Studios' renowned franchise. May it rest in peace. :'(


My close-to-deadline E3 report. (Proper resolution's in the comments)


Jokes about Angie22 aside, I'm a bit mixed about this one. Sure, it'll be closer to the feel of the 1978 classic, but from the trailer it's seems to me that they'll be unable to resist to insert some generic contemporary horror tropes.


So Jurassic World 2 is pretty good. It's certainly less stupid than a certain sequel, and it's a minor breath of fresh air amongst the superheroes and Star Wars flicks. Looking forward to how they progress on the third film.


It's out now! Also, I was saddened when the current player base of Red Orchestra 1 & Rising Storm 1 dwindled to almost next to nothing.


Xenonauts is now free on GOG within less than 48 hours. And now we're back to our usual program.


It'll be interesting to hear the words out of Todd Howard, for better or worse.


While Wes & Occam's realism article were heating up, which women/waifus would you based on while customizing your female soldiers on BFV?(Assuming their options will be a lot) Sarcasm are allowed but genuine answers would be a surprise welcome.


The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games were better than any Fallout games. Makarovs at dawn, ublyudok. #unpopularopiniontoid (Read the comments for more info)


Not sure which one to learn first, Russian or Ukrainian. Do their language have a lot of differences in comparison? And oh yeah, this.


I should replay The Secret of Monkey Island on its original pixelated form someday.


Totalbiscuit is one of the reasons why I always chose "Fuck Cancer" in the beginning of Saints Row IV. And now for some music for the occasion.


I think I'll refrain from shaving for a while after a recent gory scene on the series. Also, I really liked Shogun World, even though the town looks really small (Which I understand, considering its setting looks much more expensive than the Western one)


Looks OK so far? Rami Malek's Brit accent is acceptable, if not dead-on towards Freddie. Joseph Mazzello, who was once the kid from Jurassic Park, as John Deacon would also be just as interesting to see if he pulled it off. Slightly liking it so far.


It's done. At around 10pm recently, Tun Mahathir, who was the 4th prime minister of Malaysia, had just sworn in the second time as the 7th prime minister, and the oldest one to date at age 92, this time at the opposition's side.


Damn. The main opposition Pakatan Harapan (PH) finally won the contest. Still, it's not over yet till the current PM went live at 11am and announcing him stepping down. PH never managed to won the whole thing ever since... Independence Day at 1957.


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