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Man what. I think these guys really could take the Blood IP off Atari's dirty, grubby hands.


You know, as much as I'm happy that everyone's excited for the PlayStation Classic, why do I get the feeling that there's a small possibility that Sony will announce a PSOne Classic with DualShock controllers next year?


Welp, I think I might have cocked up the interview a tad for not giving them any proof that I know how to do video productions, and asking questions because I panicked a little bit and lost for words back there. One question on the comments.


Gonna have a job interview for video production crew this evening. I'll try my best to nail it, but my previous efforts of job-seeking over the year have drained my mental health and positive emotions. I might cry if I screwed this one again.


I don't know much about Smash and Animal Crossing, but this is cute. (From here)


I just watched Predator 2018, and Lord was it bad. It's like Shane Black shoved Predator, Alien: Covenant, ID4: Resurgence, and Pacific Rim: Uprising into a melting pot to create this POS. Makes me wanna watch the 1987 movie to wash the crap off my eyes.


Please tell me he was doing this while genuinely pretending to be a clueless kid.


Passion Pit is one of the few electronic band that I listened to, and despite the "band" (actually only Michael Angelakos) falling into hard times (bipolar disorder and all), it did pump out some really interesting tunes like this one. #musictoid


In light of everyone's excitement over the new Spiderman game, I decided to play Batman: Arkham Asylum for the 2nd time. It rans like shit as it lags on the current laptop after 5 minutes of runtime, despite multiple troubleshootings.


Wes & SteelSquirrel. 1v1. Quake 3 Arena. The Longest Yard? Let this be a reality. (And sorry fans, no UT.) Pic semi-related.


I'm not a Megaman fan, but I think there's a serious issue on the Megaman 11 demo, which I initially thought it was funny, but then I totally understand the issue and hope Capcom will fix it before it hit the shelves. Just take a look at the GIF below.


As for the downer news, Burt Reynolds just passed away. I should watch his movies whenever I can.


Where's our birthday boy? (And no, nobody could stop me from posting the same video to him every year)


Well, Deus Ex: Invisible War is off to a great start. The game just flat out refuses to utilize the laptop's Nvidia GPU and insisted on using the integrated chip, no matter what settings I configured on the control panel.


Just completed Deus Ex for the second time. While Human Revolution is great as well, there's just something special about the first game that makes it more compelling and replayable than its newer siblings. Will get into Invisible War later. (Ugh.)


Hey @bong264, you gonna write a review of GUN (2005)? I would like to hear your opinion about it.


Oh, and before I end the day on from my end. #catgirlfriday (By Yagi The Goat) (Additional pics on the comments)


I've just completed RE2 (PC), and it's just as good as RE1, but goddamn it's a nightmare to get the damn thing running without too much problems on modern Windows. While the zapping system is a good concept, I thought it felt padded out in hindsight


Paging birthday boy/husband/dad homeoftheblues: Why were your missus a pretty rare sight around here these days? (Also yeah, happy birthday!)


Attention Dtoiders, it is highly imperative that you should get Warhammer 40K: Space Marines (Steam keys) off Humble Bundle for free in less than 48 hours. After all, isn't it great to serve, live and die in the name of the Emperor? (Link on the comments)


While people were arguing whether they're impressed by the Cyberpunk 2077 (WIP) demonstration, ResetEra were having a meltdown regarding it's female derogatory terms usage. Personally, I think CDPR should tone it down a little bit, but what do I know?


So, the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay reveal on Twitch... It's just like your classic CRPG, but on first-perspective view. Other than the heavy exposition dialogues by you and your partner, and some black-and-white morality writing on-screen, I'm hyped.


Hey guys, it seems that CD Projekt RED might have something going on at their Twitch channel (Oh, what could it be~) at 7PM CEST. Would any content writers please do a page about it? (If it's legit)


I tried playing Doom 3's multiplayer with bots... I could see why most people won't bothered with it. More in the comments if you cared enough.


Well this is pretty dope. (Subtitles included)


Due to the overwhelming news of Steam for Linux Proton, here's another tired and dated conspiracy theory: What if this is all actually Valve's long-term gambit plan in making Half-Life 3 the official launch title of Linux Proton?


I know that the UI of Morrowind was designed for the PC, but Good Lord, the vanilla UI itself is the only thing that gave me migraines, and don't even get me started on the dialogue system filled with hyperlinks. Time to find some mods to cure my eyes.


For now I'm taking a break from FPS games, and play Morrowind for the first time, and holy shit, does this game not play nice with even 5-years old PCs in terms of performance alone, and I've only used mods that improve its stability.


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