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My turbulent gateway to the DMC games.

In the next few days this week, Devil May Cry 5 will be released, 11 years after the original release of 4, and 6 years after the alternative continuity title simply known as DmC. While most people here will no doubt be glad that the n...


Recap of the Waifuween movies

(Note: I would like to thank some of the community members for encouraging me to put the qpost up into the blog. The previous qpost can be found here.) Once upon a time, we had a lovely member 'round here called Angie22, who really lov...


Casual & Biased Movie Review - The Foreigner (2017)

Have you at one point watched action thriller like Taken and think that it needs some good ol' messages about politics, terrorism, and "Man, I wished Liam Neeson knows Kung Fu"? Then congratulations, here's a similar movie that not on...


Animangaki 2017

As you may recall, on both weekends last week I've volunteer at an anime convention called Animangaki in Sunway Pyramid at Selangor, Malaysia. It's a combination of the words "Anime", "Manga, and "Gaki" (Brat in Japanese), and I've bee...


Casual & Biased Movie Review: Fargo

Fargo is a great film for me, but I can't say it's a great Coen Brother's film, because I myself have very little experiences with most of their filmography. Other than this movie, I've only seen No Country for Old Men and The Big Leb...


Waifu Wars: Chaotic Crossovers

So, I'm somewhat disappointed that the war is pretty quiet, even if Harem Stalin Torchman keep blasting at us on how his waifu is amazing ($100 Bison Dollars that it's Hitler himself, by the way). And I haven't seen many on-topic blogs here...


Casual & Biased PC Game Review - Mad Max

It is no secret that I'm a Mad Max fanboy, as I worship every single film (Except the third one. Not bad, just that it isn't up to most fans' expectation). While we all agreed that the recent Fury Road is one of the best action movies of al...


A sad blog

No, it has nothing to do with the forums. And I'm not leaving, if you're presuming. The good news is, I was offered a job, and accepted it recently, in reluctance. I'll start working tomorrow. The bad news is, the job location is far, ...


Better with Age: Max, dearest of all my friends~

The Max Payne games are considered to be one of the most underrated franchise I've ever played. Despite having all the recipe for success, it never seems to have any big commercial successes as other Rockstar games do. Maybe it was cursed ...


Better with Age: Have 'Faith' in your running skills

The term 'Parkour' (Or 'free-running', whichever you prefer) might be new for us a decade ago, but the practice itself have existed for a long time ago, ever since animals doing it in nature. Free-running in entertainment medium, however i...


Casual & Biased Movie Review - Jurassic World (2014)

It's a well known fact that no one can top the original Jurassic Park with a sequel. Heck, even the original director Steven Spielberg tried that, and failed miserably even with two T-Rexes. While it's pretty much a foregone conclusio...


Thick as Thieves: The New Order of Karras

It's 1998, when ninjas and some dude who beaten another dude called Big Boss twice ruled both the Playstation and the gaming industry as pioneers of 3D stealth-based games at the time. Disappointingly for the Japanese, they will not b...


About Rudorlfone of us since 10:24 PM on 11.26.2012

Some dude who was destined to filmmaking, but end up being sucked into the world of video games. And now he's trying to crawl his way out of his own insecurities, shrieking-violet, and self-despair. Time will tell whether he'll made it out alive.

Rumours is that he often communicate with his imaginary girlfriend (Probably is some redhead chick from Persona 3, a video game he didn't even played before) within his mind, but even he wasn't sure.

Wait, we're supposed to talk about video games, right?

Anyway, I have a 2013 mid-spec laptop, and too broke to even get a desktop till this day. Casual PC Gamer to the core.

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