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NVGR: Rucksack Reviews a Beer

Budweiser American Ale Review

Destructoid is a mature gaming community. So, Iím assuming that most of you are over the legal drinking age in your respective countries. Therefore I present you with a beer review.

Iím going to have to be honest. I think that almost everything Anheuser-Busch puts out is shit. Theyíre the proud distributors of all that horrible beer you drank in college. Besides, theyíre not even an American owned company.

Thatís why the ironically named ďAmerican AleĒ impressed me so much. Itís not the most fantastic beer in the world, but itís reasonably priced and doesnít completely suck.

Iíd say that American Aleís quality is better than most mass produced beer, but not quite as good as a midlevel micro-brew. It has a really full flavoróyou can actually taste the hopsóand goes down smooth. American Ale finishes on a nice yeasty note.

I picked up a six pack for around $6.50.

American Ale is well worth the money, but it certainly wonít blow your mind. Itíd be a good beer to take to game night with the Ďbros.

Itís also a good introduction into the world of slightly higher end bargain beersóif you liked it, try Samuel Smithís Nut Brown Ale or Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA next.

If I had to give it a numerical score Iíd give a 7.0.
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