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About RoninTKone of us since 6:10 PM on 08.22.2011

I am a big man, well traveled, well knowledgeable (or just enough by my standards).
I aim to not takes things too seriously, but at the end of the day I stand up for what I believe in. Though if you do threaten me I may have to unleash a bit of the Orc, sometimes I am nicknamed a Panda due to my size, that inside of me to defend what is right... or to just smash someone. Sometimes there is fun in those sort of things.

I follow the Japanese Pro Wrestling scene, as well as many other facets from that country from Kamen Rider (Tokusatsu), Metal Bands, and even Sumo Wrestling.

Games that I currently play revolve around my PS3, so stuff like Bad Company 2, Uncharted, Street Fighter, and even more. I am usually like playing almost anything though, so whatever looks fun I will at least try and play it once.

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