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Cashwh0re Kain and Lynch video review!

[Update] Cashwh0re (Formerly Destructoid) is proud to bring you the review you have been waiting for... Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, sponsored by Kane and Lynch:Dean Men!

Final verdict: 11 out of 10!

Our hearts go out to everyone that left Gamespot in the wake of Kane and Lynchgate 07' and we totally agree with what you are doing. Even those of you that were fired. Please keep in mind that Rev. Anthony reviewed the game for Destructoid and gave it a 3 out of 10. So, if you think we are selling out...Phew! There is nothing else that I can tell you.


Update: I am really glad that everyone liked the video. The one thing that really makes me sad about all of this, is come Monday, Jeff is going to be ripped apart by a PR team. It has already started with people saying he was fired weeks ago. It's just not true. While I can't talk about specifics, the dude did get fucked over no matter what you hear. The fact that Eidos could have 1% influence over him being fired is 1% more than GS should have allowed. This all clearly happened. People didn't even know about this until GS reacted to the situation. They pulled the video, edited his post, and Eidos switched ads. Nothing to see here is just not going to cut it on this one.

User reviews were blocked on the 30th and I do understand why. Every review coming in was a 1.0 backlash. But you know what? Fuck it... You reap what you sow! (or sew depending on where you are from)
Any GS former staff needing a home, you have one here.

PS Thanks to everyone at Digg that supports and gets what the video is about. I really expected a ton of asshole comments like, "you spelled too wrong idiot." It's awesome to see that the message (the fact that I get to be an asshole) is the most important part. I am really happy to see that people get what I was trying to say.

Answer bag

Whats the song at the end? The song at the end is the Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Angello & Ingross Remix)

Was that 2g1c? Yes the piano song is 2girls1cup

What's up with 7 out of 10 IGN? I have some friends there and its a joke. Also, IGN's review scale is kind of a 7 out of 10. Dtoid uses a true 1 - 10 scale if you haven't noticed.

Surfergirl comment? Well... I am really tired of people "Claiming" that surfergirl is breaking news. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate her and I'm not trying to bash her, but it's just a random blogspot of a mid-40's PR lady in the industry that works or trolls Gamasutra. She just hears rumors and very little of it is concrete. THERE IS NO JOB IN THIS INDUSTRY WHERE YOU HEAR IF EVERY RUMOR IS TRUE. As some of you know, .......... .[redacted].............., I can say that there are things on her blog that she states will not happen and they are happening. FOR SURE. Aside from that... WTF does 2d/3d or cell shaded mean? Was 4d taken?
And stop giving her credit about the Ghostbusters game. That shit had been around forever. It can be an entertaining read, but writing "May or may not be" and being super vague is easy.
Gamestop management "May or may not be" total fucking assholes. See?

Hey Ron, how much would it cost for you to sell out on a review? $20,000 bucks. 11 out of 10 everytime. But, for that money, I plan on spending it to buy copies of said game and give them out. I also will make it clear that I am a sellout. For 20k I will give you your monies worth in video, contests, and maybe even midgets. Pheonix-blood for $4 I will do anything you want as long as it involves my penis and your vagina, or toy trains.
Update: I now have this item for sale on ebay
Click here to buy it now!

Ron are you worried about being sued? Its happened before. Who fucking cares. As long as the message gets out there its worth it. Advertisers should have zero editorial input. My goals have always been to change this industry. I am a gamer. Not a writer, not a Game dev. I am just some fucking random ass dude that likes gaming. The user should have a say. It would be awesome if GS came after me. They would have to disclose info publicly about firing Jeff which would make my fucking day. Look for "Ron Workman's Legal fund" soon.

@Neuraal Yep, I'm not on there. My mom noticed it today. Then she beat me with a hose.

PS if you really want too, there is a Petition going around that you can sign.

PSS A few people think this is about money and us serving ads. The reason I posted this on a Cblog and not the front page is because WE HAVE NO PAID ADS ON OUR COMMUNITY BLOGS! I did it for the message not for hits or ad revenue. The X-marks the spot ads at the top are there because we are part of the contest. We were givin no money to put it up.

PS3 Thanks for making this One of the top 10 stories on Digg

Gamers rock today! Thanks a ton everyone.
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