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New Wii game leaked out in Press Release


In the PR burst that Nintendo recently sent out, they may have leaked info on a game that nobody has talked about. After doing a little bit of Matlockery I think I may have found atleast the boxart but no screenshots just yet.

No release date is scheduled yet, but we can probably expect to see Horse Fight 2008 (Horse Fighter 08 in the U.S.) sometime this spring when the horse boxing season kicks off. The game is being published by Destructoid who are also currently developing Paris Hilton's movie audition, and Rodney Kings big night out for the Wii. NamelessTed is a fuckwad is rumored to be in development as well.

When reached for comment Paris Hilton didn't speak but she did do an amazing impression of a dumb cock-eyed worthless talentless whore.
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