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Lazy Friday: 360Voice.com stats for March


First off, if you have a Xbox Live gamertag, and arent using 360voice, go here now and sign up. Make sure to list 'Roncore' as your homies homey... Homey? Its a great sight and awesome way to keep track of your own gaming habits.

The March numbers for Xbox Live gameplay among 360voice users are in and I thought even though some of you might sleep through stats of the best and worst, those of you like me will build a fort and use them for warmth. So, here is the best and the worst of March according to 360voice.com who love stats even more than me. [Note: This is for 360Voice users and note all of Live, but... It can be used to some degree as a guage for hardcore Live gamers]

Most played 360 Games

1.Call of Duty 4 - 337,712
2.Halo 3 - 219,884
3.Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - 126,381
4.Rock Band - 110,531
5.Guitar Hero III - 91,554
6.Gears of War - 64,714
7.Army of Two - 56,235
8.Lost Odyssey - 45,489
9.Mass Effect - 39,158
10.Bully Scholarship Ed. - 35,171

They also point out that " Call of Duty 4 although still number 1, lost about 1000 players per day since February, or about a 15% drop in players, where as Halo 3 has no drop in average players per day, since February."
Something else I found interesting was that Forza 2 just missed the top 10 at number 11 beating out Burnout Paradise at the number 12 spot.

Now onto XBLA

1.N+ - 21,295
2.Brain Challenge - 13,866
3.UNO - 13,045
4.Geometry Wars Evolved - 10,842
5.Texas Hold'em - 8,709

and here are the worst of the two

Screwjumper! for arcade, and BOMBERMAN Act:Zero for US Retail titles

Source http://blog.360voice.com/2008/04/march-game-stat.html
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