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Dtoid landmark happening

Dtoid has a rather large readership as I'm sure you all may know by now. Even though it is a pretty tight knit community, on any given day a 1/4 of a million people can check out what the Robot has to offer. Out of that group, there is a chunk that I love and care about as much as Paris Hilton is stupid and talentless. The Dtoid Army.

While it hasn't officially launched, you know who you are. Anyways, super soon we will be hitting a landmark. Our 20,000th hardcore Dtoider. These are the people that go nuts in our forums, make cblogs, and call Jim Sterling names on the front page. These are not meer users, but the people that come to Dtoid and stay active. Fucking 20,000 people! My yob has become hell trying to remember who is who.

As you may know, Dtoid's ranking system doesn't use a basic format of 1 comment = 1 point. While I cant tell you all of the secrets of how it works (I don't really even know) I can tell you that it is based on activity and performance. The more you get involved, the higher you will rank.

To honor this landmark, I can make a few small announcements. Destructoid will be rewarding people that rank high on our leaderboards in the coming months. We figure we owe it to you. Keep in mind, that first off, if I catch you doing some bullshit to cheat the system (Electro Lemon!) you will automatically be knocked out. Also, our community will rip your ass in half.

Second, Friday Night Fights is about to get a lot more official. Prizes, ranking, NamelessTed sucks, and hell, maybe even badges and actual trophies with a baby ElectroLemon holding a torch. Who knows. We don't have an official start date, but I can say that we are trying to get something cool together for the COD4 expansion maps coming later in March.

One last thing for the newbs. I know that you don't always get all the jokes and inside comments, so I want to start doing short videos and posts so you understand what "Soccer Practice" and "Shitty Movie Night" is. Dtoid has possibly the funniest history of anyone and you should know about it.

As usual, you rock as a community. Almost everyone earned a place here. Dtoid fucks with the new people hardcore, but when you strike them down, they become more powerful. Except, kitty, wiisucks, and NamelessTed.

Happy Birthday to Tristro and the ever-so-awesome, Mr. Travis Roop. Without you guys, Snaileb would still suck.

Greybush out
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