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Biggest news of the day. My web comic

Since I don't feel like being run through the mill by idiots and assholes, I decided to bring you some joy in the form of a webcomic. Right now I'm calling it "Ron talks to Jeebus." But I have a feeling in a few weeks it will be called "OMFG Ron Workman is my Hero!" Of course what would I know? I dont really know anyone in this industry and all I do is make shit up and get lucky every fucking time. I have zero talent, skill, and could in no way Matlock things out.


Ring... ring....... ring. ring.......

Oh man! I am such a funny guy. I mean. To totally make something up 100% like this and turn it into a web comic. LULZ. I mean, can you imagine if this was real? It would be the biggest news on the internet and I post it in a cblog as a web comic. LoL that would be "Epic Lulz" indeed. Thank God I'm so fucking worthless and have no Matlocking skills. I mean, everyone in the industry would be smart enough to figure things like this out and people would write about it all over if it was true right? Wouldnt Capcom put Megaman stuff all over the Capcom Unity site? I guess it would be another 1 in a million shot if I got this right for the umpteenth fucking time. There goes my credibility.

I guess now people can talk shit about my jokes! Because they suck.

PS Captivation08 in no way is related to Captivate08 coming in the next week from Capcom.
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