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Gaming Fidelity. Not the same ring to it... but hold on.

(this kind of stems from SuicideFlip's latest blog about not liking to buy games, and wishing there were more sophisticated game stores)

So we've got our Resident Evils.

We've got our Dooms

Mortal Kombats.

Street Fighters.


Silent Hills.

Cries from the gaming community, both online and off, scream INJUSTICE to gaming when these kinds of films are released. No Hell in Doom? Kieth Urban huh? Final Fantasy Spirits huh? Travesty. Someone hire some people who LOVE the game, then it'll be awesome.

(my thoughts on the notion of making video game movies so good that they parallel the game experience is gonna be saved for another time. you like very long cut scenes?)

But yes, run and gun action movies based on games can be entertaining. Taken at face value, they're whatever you want them to be. Shunning them is overdone. Let em be, people want to make money or give it a shot.

So, I got an idea. Instead of shooting straight for the controller, the Pong reference, the stoner joke (I love Grandma's Boy, BTW), what if they went straight for the individual joe who just loves games?

Think High Fidelity, only featuring a store filled with great games, down to earth staff who know about those games, and a protagonist's life that's awesome and horrible at the same time - like most of our lives.

As I know of, there exists NO store in the universe that's run like a small town, knowledgeable, passionate record store, so the existence of such a non existence will strain the believability of the film's premise. That's a hurdle.

Also, by our culture's current books, knowledgeable gamers are anti-social, fat, hairy, tweaky goblins who are so adept at understanding the fantasy world that they forget the real one. How are we to create the ultimate introspective, gaming+love+life mish mash when no one really gets what gamers see in a game?

But look what Fast and Furious did for street racing (face palm).

Someone, make this film. I don't care if a store like this doesn't exist, DO IT. Hire Cusack or someone to fill the shoes of the guy who knows what a great game is. Throw in the fanboys. The love interest who sort of likes Shadow of the Colossus, but only because it reminds her of him.

Not the same ring to it as organizing Johnny Cash albums or revisiting old girlfriends to Queen's "We Are the Champions", but.... HEY! What about revisiting the old girlfriends ala a Mega Man Boss montage?

Am I crazy? Let me know. But I think we could all use a little flick like this.

note: I am very ashamed of the title 'Gaming Fidelity'
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