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Late (Hate) Review: Quantum Break

It's not Uncharted 4  Remedy is a good company. Lots of very talented, hardworking people, who have made it much farther than I ever will, dedicated portions of their lives to bring us Alan Wake. While it may not b...


Disgaea 5: An Outsider's View

Demon Management Simulator I've owned Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance for PS4 since its launch sometime in September about a year ago. I was on a huge Fire Emblem Awakening kick on my 3DS and was looking for anothe...


Love to Hate: The Gamestop Challenge

Calling All Masochists  Gamestop isn't really the place it used to be for some gamers, what with Amazon offering a prime discount of $12 off brand new games pre-release and up to two weeks after launch. And in our culture, pre-ord...


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Here's a true story:

I was chatting with my girlfriend's extended family at a graduation party. This was right after my own college graduation in the summer of 2017. I received a liberal arts degree, majoring in English and with a minor in Journalism.

Her uncle, who we'll call Ferris, casually asks about my degree.

As I explain myself, he gently cups his hand under his chin, nodding in rhythm with each sentence. There's a concerned look in his eyes. When I finish, he replies:

"Oh, well that sucks."