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About me
Hi! I'm not the most remarkable guy you've ever heard of, though I try to stand out at least somehow. I'm currently a senior in high school(which I think we can all agree isn't the most fun of places! :P ) and I enjoy writing, acting, movies, and of course, video games. As for my preferences in gaming, I'm into fighters, turn-based RPGs, and platformers, mostly. I started gaming when I was about 5, and I saw a family friend playing his gameboy. I was enthralled, and soon my dad bought me a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Red, which I absolutely loved. My first console was the N64 along with Super Smash Bros., a game which most people say is majorly dated but I love playing it to this day. Don't really know where I want to go in life at the moment, I'm just riding its metaphorical winds. Anyways, I love Destructoid and I'm looking forward to meeting some nice new faces here!

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