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Gamer or Gaming Enthusiast?


Often, when one enters a relationship, it causes one to reevaluate certain elements of one's life. Ideally, we would change for the better, but this is rarely the case. Quick look at the gaming habits of both myself and my girlfriend has provoked me to reconsider whether I can even call myself a game.


Gamer Vs. Gaming Enthusiast


In terms of time spent playing, and talking about videogames to friends, it is clear that she does much more of both. She spends far more hours playing videogames than I do. I like to pretend that I am busy and work all day, which blocks off the PC for other applications. This lady does not game on the PC as much, she uses her smartphone. And she is on it all day, and might even spend more money on those things. She even gets her friends and her mother involved while they compete to get to the highest level. I, in the mean time do not spend as much time playing games, but more time reading about them, and following them. She probably is not aware of the fact that Panda Pop takes its roots from Puyo Pop. The Banner Saga Vs. Candy Crush Saga fiasco is totally unknown to her. But, she does appear to be more of a gamer becausae she does more of what a gamer does which is to play video games. I imagine that several readers as well as myself are closer to games enthusiasts. What does make a gamer?


More HardCore = More Hours?


A hardcore gamer is most simply defined by a person who spends a significant share of their time and income on video games. This excludes a very large share of the gaming community. Perhaps there is a need for a new term. A gaming enthusiast not only play video games, butmakes educated choices about what he plays and how. He is much more of a hobbyist than his hardcore or girl gamer counterparts.


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