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Crysis is a damn good game.

One thing I consistently wonder is why some people just don't like Crysis or it's "expanshalone" Warhead. They are both very good games! The gameplay is very unique, particularly if you are playing on the higher difficulties which pretty much force you to come up with new strategies involving the nanosuit. It's incredibly rewarding to duck behind cover to let your suit recharge, then bust into speed mode to zip behind your enemies, drop a grenade at their feet, and run away. You could grab a guy in a squad, use them as a human shield and, when you are done with your victim, toss him at other enemies, knocking them down to be finished off.

Crysis' gameplay is the most flexible I've seen in years. You can play it by going in with guns blazing, you can infiltrate and strike quickly, and hell, sneaking around to find targets, planning the attack and following through with it, only to vanish again is one of the things being hyped about Splinter Cell: Conviction. What game lets you do that, again? Oh right, Crysis.

Perhaps what upsets me the most are the people who haven't even played it, spreading around how it is "unoriginal and not too special". An editor by the name of Shamus Young over at The Escapist put the game in a very bad light with his article "10 ways to fight piracy". In response to errors in his article, he said "I didn't buy Crysis myself, and based my statements on what I'd found in Google". His articles go under the name "Experienced Points". He initially made false claims about the game regarding it's demo and the fact that when the game launched, the only DRM present was a disk-check. Many people read his article, what most got, if the reactions of friends I asked to read it are any indication, was "Let's use Crysis as an example of how people can fuck something up".

Enough of my ranting, if you haven't played it yet, why not try out the fairly long demo?
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